Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Runday: Training for 10 miles

So my first big race of the year is the Inaugural UT 10/20.  It's 10 miles, 20 bands, which is more music than the Rock n Roll Half I did!  I'm pretty excited about it because it's coastal, a run I do all the time.  And I like the idea of 10 miles.  More than a 15k, but not quite a half marathon.  And given that twice I've hit a wall at mile 11 during a half, 10 miles sounds like a great number.

This 10 miler is also a good chance to test out my new training plan for the half marathons.  It's a lot less mileage a week than when I typically train for a half, so we'll see how it goes.  This is what a typical week looks like:

Monday: 2 miles
Tuesday: 2 miles
Wednesday: 2 miles
Thursday: 2 miles
Friday: My early morning.  I get up at 5:30 and run as far as I can and still make it home by 6. 
Saturday/Sunday: One of these days I do my "long run" which started at 4 miles and will go up to 9 miles.  Yesterday I did 7, which means there are 3 weeks till the race!  The other day I do cross-training, which sometimes involves speed work on the treadmill.  (I know that's not really cross-training, but it gives me a chance to work on speed)


  1. I wish there were more 10 mile races around here! It is such a fun distance. I think your training plan sounds great. Honestly, lately I've only been training by running two days a week (a shorter run and a long run) and then doing crosstraining/weights at the gym. If anything, I think it's made me stronger!