Monday, January 13, 2014

Mommy Mondays: It takes a Village

The saying "it takes a village" dates back to times when tribes or villages provided resources for mothers and families.  I don't think we've moved so far from that time period, except now, that "village" is a little less personal.  We still don't do things on our own, but our "village" is virtual.  It is a composite of online resources that we can turn to with all of our questions.  It thought I would share with you some of my village - the resources I turn to when it comes to child-rearing.

Kelly Mom - the number one research for all things breastfeeding. 

Sugar and Dots - Kimmie is a fantastic resource if you're interested in babywearing.  She knows just about every type of carrier out there, and which works best.

For mamma runners I love Cate's World Kitchen and Run Aud Run.  Cate doesn't blog anymore, but her blog is still a great resource.  She had her daughter a month before I had Thatbaby, so she was always right ahead of me, providing inspiration and a peak into the future.  Audrey still blogs, and between the two of them, they provide really great advice on keeping active through pregnancy and continuing to run while balancing work and being a new mom.

Sarah's Cucina Bella/The Lunch Box Ladies - Sarah recently formed a collaboration with great tips about lunches for little ones, but before that you could find her insight on her own blog.  Her food and family philosophy is one that I hope to follow.

If you're a pinterest person, then Wanlifetolive and KimberleyMichelle are great blogs for you.  Even moreso if you have a daughter, like they both have.  Jenny is THE Donna Reed of the modern era, between sewing adorable outfits and creating amazing cookies.  And Kim is the DIY queen.  Whenever I'm trying to figure out whether I should buy something or make it, I turn to one or both of them.  And if you have any questions about Disney, these are the women you should ask.


  1. I totally miss Cate's blogging about running/keeping healthy with a baby...such an inspiration! And Sarah is also crazy awesome.

  2. I'm so honored to be part of your village :) And you already know that you are part of mine - heck, if you only knew how many things from your blog appears in my house . . .

  3. Aw! Thanks for the lovely shout-out Kate! Thank you for all of the food inspiration (recipes & restaurants alike!) that you've provided over the years!!! :)

  4. Love. And it is so very true. Kellymom has been such a great resource for me as well! Thank you for sharing!