Monday, January 20, 2014

Mommy Mondays: The Fashionable Toddler

I rarely talk about Thatbaby's day to day wear.  I've shared my favorite brands, but not specific outfits.  Because Thatbaby doesn't really wear "outfits" per se.  Mostly I throw him whatever is clean (which becomes more difficult every day.  I think he's a mess magnet).

But when we took our family pictures last fall, I put some real thought into what he was going to wear, picking and pairing some of my favorite pieces.  I know a lot of people complain that it's hard to find cute clothes for little boys, and I would vehemently disagree.  Here's a prime example:

Sweater: H&M.  Seriously, I love H&M sweaters.  We stock up every winter.  They're classic and timeless.  I love the same styles on Thatboy!
Shirt: Old Navy.  I love this shirt.  It's a button up with little dogs on it.  As soon as I saw it online, I wanted it.  But of course, at that time they were all sold out of his size.  When we were in Palm Springs, I stopped into a store and found it on clearance.  Fate!  Thatbaby calls it his doggy shirt and wants to wear it all the time.
Jeans: Janie and Jack.  The thing I like about Janie and Jack clothes are that they are incredibly durable, but also the pants have adjustable waists.  Which is nice, since Thatbaby usually gets taller before he gets wider.  Which means we usually have to go up a size for height, and need some help from keeping those pants from falling down around his ankles.
Shoes: Pedipeds.  Yup.  We're still wearing those!


  1. I LOVE Thatbaby's outfits. I'm still in the "hey, it fits and it's clean - it's good" camp. If it matches at all, it's pure luck - not design.

    Must check out the janie and jack jeans. H is the same - legs get longer before waist gets wider!

    Thankfully, H has no opinion about his clothing. Except socks. Those are vitally important. If you put the red ones one, and he wanted blue, even if he had not expressed his desire for blue ones, and you had no way of prepared for complete and total MELTDOWN, and suspicious monitoring of socks all day long.

  2. I LOVE H&M in general and see myself shopping there nonstop when I have kids. Their clothes are so affordable!

  3. He's an absolute doll with a killer smile. I love the whole outfit and that doggie shirt - E for sure would love it ... hmmm and I just happen to be going to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks. Where do you shop there? Maybe we could arrange a play date - E will be in PS and SD the last 2 weeks of February :)

    1. No worries - your daughter and I already have something in the works.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a handsome little man! The whole outfit is perfect. I should do a similar post for Lucy's clothes. What a great idea!

  5. Such a cute photos (I think I told you that already). We have a hard time with jeans. If something fits around the cloth diaper, it's too big in the waist. Most of E's clothes are hand me downs from R's niece, who loved pink. So, anytime I buy anything, I make sure it's gender neutral. I really love the Aran sweater.