Monday, October 20, 2014

Mommy Mondays: The Third Birthday

When we originally started thinking about Thatbaby's birthday, we thought perhaps Dinosaur Train would be the way to go.  And then started the obsession with Shrek.  

It happened right before we moved.  He was home sick and I popped on the movie, since we surprisingly own few child-friendly movies.  But Thatdad and I had a thing about Shrek, so I owned almost the entire series, up until the one that came out after he died.   And we watched them.  All of them.  Over and over again.  Thatbaby loved Shrek and everything about it.  He literally watched it every day.

So it only made sense for him to have a Shrek-themed birthday party, so we invited our guests to join us at the Swamp.

Which meant turning our home into a swamp.  Thatboy took this as his cue to stop mowing our lawn so everything would be overgrown and swamp-like.  I kind of thought decorating the driveway would be enough.

It ended up being a bigger thing than I was expecting.  So we spread out our dirt, reeds, lily pads.  Hung swampy nets and scattered moss.  Set up a fog machine and a soundtrack of fog noises.

After our guests made it through the swamp, they were greeted at the gate with a warning.

Although what they saw when they entered the yard didn't really need that kind of a warning.

The kids spent a lot of their time in the bounce house, but of course we had refreshments for both Thatbaby's friends and their families.

I got completely swamped once the guests arrived, so I didn't have time to take a picture of the completed table, but the menu included:

Swamp Rat Skewers - chicken tender skewers

In The Morning We're Having Waffle (Fries) - Waffle Fries

Fish Eye Stew - Yogurt Bar

Ogres Are Like Onions (Dip) - Veggies and Onion Dip

Swamp Balls -  Green Cheese Balls (courtesy of Halloween at Target)


Swamp Water - Water

Fuzzy Navels For All My Friends - peach nectar, orange juice, and sparkling water

We sent the kids home with little goodie bags, filled with gifts from the Fairy Godmother (Happiness is Just a Tear Drop Away bubbles), Shrek (Shrek ears), and Gingy (Gingerbread Cookies).


  1. Awww such a fun theme! I think you did a great job sticking with it. Even ThatBoy and the unmowed lawn. :P

  2. Happy birthday to your little prince Kate! I am sure he had a lot of fun in his birthday!

  3. Wow! Wish I was closer, I'd have loved to have attended such a cool party (and I'd have tried to wangle an invite, of course)