Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Wild Child: Another 3rd Birthday

3 of the little 'uns in my moms' group are born in April/early May.  Which is part of the reason our weekends are so busy right now.  And talking with my friends about their children's birthdays always gets me spinning into planning Thatbaby's.  And April is far too early to begin planning an October birthday.  But it's so hard when you see such fantastic parties like those thrown by the amazing women I'm friends with!  Saturday was Little HW's birthday party- a carnival themed day of fun.

There were carnival games like a ring toss, and a knocking down cans with a ball.  And "fair food" like popcorn, watermelon, hotdogs, and bbq pulled chicken.  The popcorn was a huge hit with the younger set.  As soon as one of them found it, all of them had to have it.

Horse Whisper's mom even created this fantastic pony for pony rides.  Thatbaby made us sing the Bonanza theme song every time he hopped on.

And he had a partner in crime with Juristoddler, who he convinced to climb up and join him.  Seriously, what a good sport Juristoddler is - I mean, Thatbaby is bossy and likes to be in charge.  I don't know if I could handle being friends with him.

Even though Horse Whisperer had given up chocolate for Lent, she still provided a fabulous chocolate cake for Little HW, since chocolate cake is her favorite kind.

Some of the other guests liked it too.

It's always nice to attend functions thrown by my mom's group.  Everyone understands when conversations have to stop mid-sentence to be restarted later.  And now that we have the second round, there is always a free hand to hold a baby so that mom or 1st child needs can be met (this is especially important during these potty training ages when sometimes you need to drop everything for a potty run).  It's also nice because there are several sets of eyes on your child, so you can sit and try to relax knowing someone is making sure your kid doesn't plunge their face into the cake or a bush.

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  1. ThatBaby is quite the social butterfly! Now the question is, is it too early for ME to start planning my as yet-unconceived child's first birthday....