Monday, April 21, 2014

It's An Online Bake Sale!

Your Mommy Mondays are being postponed until tomorrow because today I have something far more important to share - cookies.

I know, I know - cookies and Passover don't really go together.  And that's part of the reason I have no picture to share with you - but let me back up a step.

A couple of weeks ago, Joanne contacted me and a couple other bloggers to see if we would be interested in helping her out with a project - an online bake sale.

Joanne is currently in training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington D.C..  This isn't Joanne's first half-marathon.  She's a seasoned runner.  And many of her races raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Joanne is currently training with Team and Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  And she's raising money to fund patient care and cancer research. 

So I'm helping out by donating cookies for her bake sale.  A dozen to be exact.  A dozen chocolate gobs to be even more exact.  And in preparation for her bakesale, I did a test run last weekend, before Passover started.  It was a test run, to give me a picture to give to Joanne, and so I could see where the recipe needed tweaking.

It started out well.  Thatbaby and Thatboy were out skateboarding, and we had about an hour before we had to head to yet another birthday party.  (I know, you're shocked)  I cracked eggs, melted chocolate and butter, and reached into the pantry to grab my instant coffee.  No instant coffee.  No problem, Thatboy was about to run over to the bank, which is right beside the supermarket.  So he offered to pick it up for me.  Thatbaby and I signed birthday cards and hung out...for a long time.  After 40 minutes I realized we needed to get going for this party, and Thatboy still wasn't home!  I certainly wasn't going to have time to make the cookies.  So the wet ingredients went into the fridge, shoes, went on the feet, and we were halfway out the door by the time Thatboy got home.  That was 3pm.  We went to the party, then a race, and got home around 11pm.  When I proceeded to make the cookies - because I didn't think the wet ingredients would be good much longer. 

Turns out, you probably shouldn't let the ingredients sit for hours, because instead of forming nice, gobby cookies, they spread out into flat discs.  Not very pretty.  And I didn't have time to make them again before Passover hit.  I was going to scrap the whole idea, until Thatboy tried one.  "These are really good" he said.  And we decided that even though I didn't get a good picture, I should still offer to make these chocolately cookies, loaded with chocolate chunks, pecans, and walnuts. 

So what can you do? 

1) Go check out Joanne's bake sale and bid on my chocolate gobs! 

2) Go check out Joanne's bake sale and bid on some other delicious goodies.  (I mean obviously, I put my cookies first, but really the other items look pretty darn delectable)

3) Just donate to Joanne's cause.

The bake sale starts today and goes till April 23 at midnight, so act now!!!

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  1. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for participating and offering to make these!! It really means so much to me.