Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Runday: The Neon Run

My last fun run!  Or walk, really.  Because any races that involve Thatbaby are really walks, not runs.  You may remember Thatboy and my complete and utter disappointment in the Electric Run.  So you may wonder why I would sign up for another, similar run.  3 reasons my friends:
1) During the Electric Run, I thought it would be a fun idea to combine the Electric Run (glow in the dark, night run) with the Color Run (throwing colorful powder on you).  The Neon Run does exactly that.

2) The Neon Run was being held at Qualcomm Stadium, the same location as The Color Run.  Which I thought, logistically, went really well.  Easy to get in and out!  

3) Thatboy, an ex-raver, loves stuff like this.

So a couple of weeks ago, we left Little Pirate's birthday, donned our best neon clothes and glow accessories, and headed to the event.

Check out the skirt I made at my running club party! I made it especially for this race!  Thatbaby took control of a majority of the glowsticks, tucking them under his blanket to keep safe.

Like the Color Run, they handed out packets of neon colors.  Taking a hint from Kim (along with the idea of covering our stroller in garbage bags and using goggles) we decided to have our own little color tossing instead of joining in the post race giant mosh pit.  We decided to do it before the race, so he could enjoy it in the light. 

And boy did he enjoy it.  He loved getting the packet thrown on him, and throwing it on Thatboy.  And seriously, thank goodness for those goggles!

Before too long, it started to get dark, which meant it was almost show time!

But not before getting a blacklight family photo!

We got in line - before our actual wave time, but we figured with the line and a tiring child, we should get in line sooner than later. 

Eventually we got to the front, and we were off!

Thatbaby was such a trooper.  Until we got to the blacklit tunnel.  The crowd came to a dead spot....AND Thatbaby conked out.  Fell asleep.  In the middle of the race.  With music blaring, crowds, and glow everywhere.  It was 8:30pm.

Thatboy and I enjoyed the rest of the race as an almost "date night" - sleeping baby, just the two of us walking and talking.  Enjoying the music and lights.

We stopped for an "after" family picture in the black light, and you can see what has become of our littlest racer.

In review, we liked this race much more than the Electric Run and it was a truly enjoyable evening for all of us.  However, all that being said, I have come to realize I'm really not into these kind of races.  The crowds, the prices, and the lack of Everytime I sign up for one I get so excited, only to show up and question why I'm there.  Thatboy on the other hand - these are the only kind of races for him!  So we'll have to see what participation in the future looks like.

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  1. I've never done one of these, though I've come close to signing up many a time!