Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Princess Turns 3

One of Thatbaby's classmates has 2 older brothers.  Her mom confided in me that she was so excited when her third was a girl - she wanted a little princess.  Of course, Princess turned out to be more interested in the things her rough and tumble brothers were into.  So when Princess decided she liked The Little Mermaid, her mom latched on to the idea.  A couple weekends ago, Princess had her very own Little Mermaid birthday party!  Complete with a visit from Ariel.

It was cute to watch the little girls (and some of the little boys) follow around Ariel as she led them through the different areas of the play space.  But everyone fell in line when she whipped out her face paints and started making balloon animals.

This was Thatbaby's first experience with a Princess.  He's never really watched any Disney movies because he just doesn't have the attention span.  When we got home from the party, Thatbaby asked to watch "The Princess" movie.  Because the movie is Thatboy's favorite, he anxiously put The Little Mermaid on to share with his son.  Which lasted all of 10? 20? minutes before he quickly grew bored.  But it's a start, right?


  1. It is definitely a start (smile).


  2. The.Boy is obsessed with disney movies...so I think you're probably on the better side of the spectrum.