Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs

Now that it's April, it's officially Passover and Easter Season!  And both of those mean dark chocolate to me.  For Passover it's dark chocolate covered matzah, marshmallow, and raspberry gel rings.  Easter is ruled by Cadbury - both the cream eggs and the mini eggs.  The most recent addition to this mix are the new dark chocolate mini eggs.  I could give or take M&Ms, but for some reason, these little eggs are something I look forward to all year!

What's your favorite Passover treat/Easter candy?


  1. I love cadbury eggs...and my mom's potato casserole. I'm glad Easter falls late this year...I can enjoy those eggs all the longer!

  2. Every year, we will buy Cadbury Easter eggs too... at least two dozen of eggs :D

  3. I love all things dark chocolate. And reese's eggs.