Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In the Desert

The inlaws decided that 6 months was a good interval for visiting their new grandson.  So the last weekend in March they headed down our way.

But, because even the thought of 5 days with a cute baby isn't entertainment enough, they suggested we take a vacation on their vacation!  Because they'd never been to Palm Springs before.  (Although TFIL did spend the entire time asking what city we were in every 5 minutes while we were there, so he still may not think he's been to Palm Springs.)

 They spent the weekend alternately telling stories depicting their racism and insisting that The Hunger Games is about teen-gang-violence and deplorable. 

It was a looooong weekend. 

We ate at some of our usual haunts, like Pomme Frites and Normas.  Thatboy never tires of their peanut butter and chocolate waffles.

 We also got to try some new places like Shame on the Moon and 3rd Corner.

 Typically our trips to Palm Springs/Palm Desert includes lots of time outdoors and lots of shopping.  Neither of which appeals to the inlaws.  Instead, we went to an art museum.

 Even though it was the only art museum in town, TMIL was positive that she had read about a different one five years ago in the San Francisco Chronicle and Thatboy spent forever trying to find the one she wanted.

TFIL ditched us as soon as we entered because he was very uninterested.  Partly because he hates art.  Partly because one of the exhibits featured naked people which is very much something he disapproves of.

We also got to spend lots of time at the pool.  Reading -

And Thatbaby got his first pool time.  He wasn't a fan at first, but once we got him into some warmer water he decided it was pretty fun.

Thatboy came away from the weekend a little depressed, which always gets me fired up against the inlaws.  Somehow, even when they're visiting with us, they still manage to make him feel ignored and unimportant.  I know he worries about Thatbaby feeling the same way, but it's easy to convince him that he's a stupendous, loving, devoted father.  I mean - just look at the photographic evidence!


  1. I'm guessing you don't like the in-laws very much...and I think I might not like them so much either. But I don't think your husband needs to worry about the same thing happening to your sweet kid at all--pictures say a thousand word and the last one is full of mutual love!

  2. My own dad is the same as TFIL and never sees the positive side of things. Don't get me started on his being an over the top fussy eater so would never enjoy anything from my kitchen or a restaurant, but we take what we are dealt and love them anyway with all their quirks. Patterns do not have to remain the same so That Baby will be confident and loved.

  3. Your husband is doing just fine. Love is what gives children confidence and optimism and I certainly hear and see love in your post.

  4. Your family is so beautiful! Your husband sounds like a total gem :)

  5. I take that that the in-laws don't read the blog? :) Well, at least it looks like Thatbaby enjoyed the mini-vacation!

  6. I want to eat up Thatbaby. He's SO CUTE! Also, I've never seen Thatboy and Thatbaby interact, but I can tell from the pictures how much he loves him (and you), so I'm sure he is a wonderful father.

  7. how coudl Thatboy think he's anything like the inlaws? No offense but they sound insane. SIX MONTHS in-between visits?!?!? My mother would be over every six hours.