Monday, December 23, 2013

Mama Mondays: Potty Time (Part 1)

I expect this is going to be a many-part series as I discuss the trials and tribulations of potty training.  I mean, it is a rite of passage.  And not one I've been particularly anxious to start.

It's not that I want to keep Thatbaby a "baby."  And I can't wait to not have to buy diapers anymore.  But I am not looking forward to that time period where I can't just rely on the diapers.  When I'm going to need to have intimate knowledge of the location of every restroom of every store we frequent.

Right now we're trying to let Thatbaby take the lead on the whole potty thing.  (I know, given my typical parenting philosophies you're probably not too surprised.)  What does this mean?  It means that we didn't rush out and buy him a potty the minute he turned 1.  Or 2.

We've introduced the idea of the potty to him.  Which means bathrooms are an open-door affair at Thathouse right now.  Monkey see, monkey do?  I guess that's the idea.  Thatbaby also regularly asks to sit on the potty before he takes his bath, which was inspired by the fact that Thatbaby usually pees as soon as the bath starts running (so regularly, that Thatboy runs the water, waits for Thatbaby to pee, and then once the tub clears, he fills the tub)

Given that success with voluntary potty time, we've been discussing that he can sit on the potty whenever he wants to go to the bathroom.  He does ask from time to time, but not with any regularity.  And as I learned one morning when he didn't want to put on clothes, he still hasn't quite mastered the art of knowing he has to go before he actually goes.

We did go out and get him a potty seat and stool for Chanukah (wish is I'm sure on every 2 year old's wish list), so now the guest bathroom is officially "Thatbaby's bathroom"  with a toilet seat perfectly sized to fit his little bottom.

I'll update this post when we either have some potty success, or to tell you what it's like to have to join my child at college for diaper change


  1. Haha I'm sure he'll get the hang of it before college!! And it definitely sounds like some progress has been made with the pre-bath time ritual!

  2. Hi That Girl!

    I'm just popping over from Zoe's blog for a visit. Looks like I have pretty good timing too. Although those days of Potty training are long past for me, (kids already graduated college, lol) I do remember the trial and tribulations of the whole "rite of passage." It's a funny thing about kids, once they do learn to use the potty, they have this uncanny way of wanting to check out each and every public potty there is. You will know when you are on the road to success, or his success when you are in the middle of the grocery store or such and he says, "Mommy, Potty?" Good Luck to you all!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Louise

  3. E is really into saying "pee pee" and going into the bathroom. But, I think she's just trying to convince me that we should go play with the stuff in the drawers in the bathroom. I'm thinking to go buy a potty soon, but don't have any expectations and am getting tired of MIL asking me if E is potty trained yet.

    1. i don't know if this will help with your MIL situation, but my doctor says the average age children are potty trained is 3.5.

  4. 3.5?! Oh mannnnnnn I want to be done with diapers sooner than that!! I was hoping for potty training to be done before H's little bro arrives in March. Unlikely to happen by 27 months....