Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Runday: All Running All The Time

How do you know you're a "real runner"?

Personally, I give a very broad definition.  If you lace up your shoes and head out on a fairly regular basis, you're a real runner.

It doesn't matter if you're fast or slow.  If you run 2 miles or 20.  If you race every weekend or have never crossed a finish line.

But I'm sure part of that is based on me.  Because I'm not a marathoner.  I'm not running sub 2 hour halfs.  And my running is relegated to, well running.

I know so many other runners that eat, breathe, sleep running.  They read running books.  They listen to running podcasts.  They watch movies about running. 

I don't. 

Which makes me wonder, and is probably the impetus of the post - a type of reaffirmation that I'm still a "real runner." 

But I also think that motivation plays a part in this.  For me, running is therapy.  A form of stress relief.  It is, in itself, my form of escape.  It doesn't matter if I'm good or bad, because that doesn't impact what I get out of it.   And I don't get that same self-feedback from books, podcasts, or movies.  Each of them just serves as another method of escape. 

Do you consider yourself a "real runner"?
What's your motivation in running?
Do you pursue running related media?

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