Monday, September 12, 2016

Mommy Mondays: 15 months

Weight: 23lbs (+14bs 12oz) (leftover from 12 months)
Height: 34 inches (+12.5 inches) (leftover from 12 months)
Head: 18.4 inches (leftover from 12 months)

Sleep: Right now, the idea of getting multiple hours of sleep in a row seems like one of those fairy tales that aren't based on reality.  Of course I know they exist, because we used to be there, but a long long time ago.  There's been less screaming this month, but fairly frequent wakeups.  The good news is we kind of found the culprit - 3 molars in the span of a week.  Poor kid.  I can't wait till he's done teething.

Eating:  He must be going through a growth spurt, because Thatbaby cannot get enough food. I'm terrified for the teenager years.  He has scaled down on the breastfeeding.  Currently he nurse in the morning, before bed, and several times at night.  But he will happily forgo the morning session if I'm not home or Thatkid gets to his room before me.

Best Moment: I was just telling Thatboy this morning that Thatkid has always been a phenomenal cuddler, but Thatbaby takes it to a new level.  My favorite moments this month are the ones where he wraps his arms around my neck like he never wants to let me go.  He's a little needy this month, so often these hugs come at times I'd rather not be engulfed by children, but they're so good, I can't help but just melt into them.
Monthly Wisdom: I'm too tired to come up with something pithy and brilliant.  I guess my monthly wisdom is you can survive on far less sleep than you ever thought possible ;-)  In all honesty, my monthly wisdom is to stop comparing.  No one else's experiences take away from your own.  Anyone else can be tired, stressed, busy even if you are tired, stressed and busy.  It's not a contest.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- more sleep, for everyone

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- teething: 3 more teeth for a total of 9 teeth!
- he can now climb to the top of our play structure in the backyard
- swinging! He grabs on to bars and swings.
- words: He seems to have developed his own language.  He kind of says mama and dada, but more often we can tell what he's saying despite the fact it's not English.  "Deeeessh" is "shoes" and "dee dee" is "tweet tweet" (bird).  He has a word for doggy, and :"where is...?"
- He signs please regularly, either the accurate way, or by placing his little hands under his chin.


  1. It gets better! Your boys are adorable.


  2. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE BUGGER! So cute :) They grow up so fast. My sister's daughter is 15 months too and wow has she changed!

  3. Teething is such a killer! We had the worst night of sleep in a while last night and I can only attribute it to the two front bottom teeth I see making their way up..