Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trip Review: San Francisco Part 1

The best part about running Bay to Breakers, other than the race itself, was getting to experience San Francisco, the city.  Which means doing things we never get to do and eating places we never get to eat.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency, which is my current favorite San Francisco hotel.

The hotel itself is beautiful, with lights hanging from the various floors down to the lobby, and glassed elevators which made the ride extra fun for Thatbaby.

But we also had a pretty great view of the bay.  This is the Bay Bridge, which puts on a light show at night.

The location though is what won me over.  The hotel is right beside a huge transit stop, which meant we could jump on whatever trolley, cable car, light rail, bus, or subway we needed to get where we had to go.  It was also across the street from the Ferry Market building, which is where we spent a lot of our time.  Eating.

Thatbaby liked the live musicians.  He wanted to stop and watch all of them.  The first one we saw played saxophone and when he asked to play, I told him we had saxophone at home he could play.  So then he asked that about every instrument we saw.  "We have cello at home?"  "We have trumpet at home?"

But really, staying across from the Ferry Market Building meant we did not have to journey far for good food.  Since our first day there was Saturday, we got to take part in the Farmer's Market.  While Thatboy had a smoked salmon sandwich, I ended up with this porcetta beauty, slathered with onion marmalade.  Thatbaby went back and forth between our two choices.

And after we went inside for some Humphrey Slocombe ice cream.  Thatboy had a coke bourbon float with their secret breakfast ice cream.  Thatbaby had a chocolate carmel with sea salt scoop, and I had a Harvey Milk and Honey scoop.

The other great thing about the Hyatt's location - it's right beside a playground!  We spent a little bit of time here every day. 

Since it was the day before the race, that's pretty much all we did on Saturday.  Other than go out for dinner.  In an effort to "carb load" we hit up some Italian: Perbacco.

Thatbaby loved his "white pasta" - noodles in butter sauce.  Thatboy had papperdelle with lamb shoulder ragu.  I had gnocchi with beef sugo and mushrooms.  And we got a side of brussels sprouts.  We voted and I had the winner meal of the evening.  The thing I liked about the meal was that even though it was pasta, it wasn't heavy.  I didn't go to bed feeling weighed down.   And after dinner, we headed right back to bed - some of us had a race the next morning!


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  2. We ate a lot at SF too. I remember that the summer wind was still very chilly when we were there in early June last year. I must say it is really a nice place to dine and visit.

  3. My favorite city! Last time I was there, the ferry building didn't have a humphrey slocombe! Love them though. SF has the best ice cream.

  4. San Francisco is one of my very favorite cities- You guys rocked it out with good food, family time and a some good running thrown in for good measure.