Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday Runday: Running With Friends

Today's the day of the race!  As you read this, there's a good chance I'm either running past wineries and cheetahs.  I feel very prepared for this race, despite the fact my new training plan has my weekly mileage far lower than when I normally train for a half.  Especially since my weekday runs have been hit or miss lately given my crazy schedule.  Earlier this week I started putting together my race playlist, when it struck me.  I haven't listened to music on my long runs in weeks, and I probably wouldn't be listening to any music during the race.  Because I'm running today with L&O.

This will be the first Half Marathon I've run with a friend, and I'm really excited about it. L&O and I have been doing a lot of our long runs together.  We spend the entire time talking, and before we know it, 11 miles have passed. 

In addition to the first Half Marathon I've run with someone, this is also the first time I've trained with others.  For my longer runs, I've joined others in my running group if L&O wasn't available.  It's a really great way to go and I recommend it to anyone training for a distance that's long for them. 

I'm looking forward to today's half marathon for so many reasons - the course, the cause, but probably what I am most excited about is running it with L&O.   It's kind of magical when you can find a friend with a similar pace who you train with.  I know we push each other forward.  She makes me stretch my short runs just a little longer, and I know that sometimes she does her workday runs just because I'm planning one too.  Peer pressure is a wonderful thing with half marathon training.  Running with friends also means you have someone to psych you up.  L&O and I have been chatting all week, feeding each other's excitement about the race this weekend.  And, like I said, the actual runs are so much more entertaining with company.

Do you run with friends?

Stay tuned next week for my race recap!

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  1. I always run with a group, and it is really SO MUCH BETTER. It's crazy how the miles fly by. Can't wait to hear how you guys did!!