Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Runday: Packing For Races

I kind of love destination races.  I love getting out and running a new course, exploring a new city, and feeling like part of a community in a new place.  I also love the hotel stay, because it's the only time I can justify it, and it makes race morning SO much more pleasant.

I try to do one destination race a year - even if that only means a race in Orange County, like some of the Disney races.  The only problematic part of traveling to race is that you don't have your closet right there, so it's even more important that you get your gear together ahead of time.  I have a special packing list for when I travel to a race.

- Headband
- Sports bra
- race day outfit (top and bottom)
- socks
- shoes

Fuel - Unless you're running in Antarctica, you can probably pick this up whereever you're going, but I like to bring it with me, so I don't have to try scouring a new location for my old favorites.
- Water belt
-  Gatorade (my electrolytes of choice)
- Kind bar (breakfast before the race)
- Jelly Bell Sport Beans

- Ipod and headphones
- Travel Body Glide

Do you ever travel for races?  Is there anything special you like to bring from home?


  1. Hi Girl, Good luck with your race!!!

    I like running but sad that I never travel any where too far to run... I have only run in the Melbourne city and that's all :p

  2. I always travel with peanut butter! And make sure to carry-on my sneakers with me if I"m flying. Just in case.

  3. I don't travel for races but when I travel I do pack Kind bars and wasabi peas.