Wednesday, May 07, 2014

N's Birthday

We had a couple week break from birthday parties, so it should come as no surprise that last weekend we were back in action.  Actually, N's birthday was the last on our schedule, so it'll be a couple weeks of reprieve - and a couple cake-free weeks for us.

N was very much in his element at his birthday. After all it was at his home turf.  Literally.  And all his favorite toys and friends were there.  While N was busy hosting, Thatbaby was pleased to see his buddy LittleHW.

But Thatbaby was even happier to see cake.  N was pretty excited about it too.  He sat himself down at his little table and told me he was moving things to make room for the cake.  He got a little help blowing out the candles.  It's hard to be the center of attention.

N was nice enough to share his space with his friends once the candles were taken care of. 

And when N decided he was done with his cake, Thatbaby moved over to sit next to his buddy. 

After all they shared cake faces.

Following cake, we headed to the backyard for a little pinata time.

This was a far different experience from Little Pirate's birthday where Thatbaby walked away with two lollypops. This time, knowing what to do, Thatbaby came home with a huge bag of candy.

Another birthday party success!

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  1. Birthday parties are just so much more fun when you're little!