Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Styles: Almond Cookies

I used to love going back to school shopping.  The new clothes always made me feel like a fun new year was about to begin.

There is no "school year" for me any more.  One month really blends into the next.  But that means I need a little pick me up now more than ever.  Since I don't have a summer vacation to look forward to, at least I can have a little summer wardrobe fun?  I've officially declared this summer to be the summer of Orange and Blue.  Here's a peak at my summer wardrobe:

 A chambray top is the perfect alternative to a cardigan.   Although a bright and colorful cardigan is nice too.

I love a light tunic for a bit of a beach feel.

Last fall I picked up a couple of Old Navy t-shirts and loved the thinness of them, so I grabbed a couple more this summer.

And I grew to appreciate Target tank tops when I was pregnant.  Even now I'm a big fan of their length.

I'm always looking for a maxi dress that doesn't drag on the floor since I'm a little height challenged.  This one is PERFECT.  I love it and it just hits my ankles!

Every summer I go through the "I have nothing to wear on my bottom" phase.  This year I tried to nip that in the bud by picking up some truly summery picks.  Like white jeans and colorful orange capris

I jokingly call these denim shorts my "mom shorts" but really, everyone should have a pair of denim shorts.  And my spicy red shorts are anything but "mom shorts" so really it evens out.

I've been a fan of J.Crew bathing suits for years.  I have a long torso and practically no legs, and the J. Crew suits accommodate that perfectly. This tank doesn't ride up, and the bottoms offer great coverage, even when I'm chasing around a toddler.  The low-cut of the neckline is certainly a little revealing, but also makes it a sexy suit.

I practically live in sandals year round - one of the benefits of living in Southern California.  So summer is a great time to stock up.  I'm very into the one-strap sandals this year.  Thatboy has been equating them to thong underwear.  Barely there, shows a lot of skin, and ever so sexy.  

My summer cookie of choice is the Almond Cookie.  Thatmom is a fan of cookies made with almond paste, and I can't say that I blame her.  They are the staple of any Jewish bakery.  Almond paste rainbow cookies, sandwiched with jelly and dipped in chocolate.  Almond S cookies sprinkled with almonds.  Almond horns dipped in chocolate.  The sticky, chewiness of almond cookies mirrors the humidity we've been having here lately.  And like summer, their sweetness lingers on.

Almond Cookies
7 oz almond paste
1 cup sugar
3 egg whites
1/3 cup confectioner's sugar
2 Tbsp flour
1/8 tsp salt
  1. In an electric mixer combine almond paste, sugar, and egg whites until well blended.
  2. Add confectioners' sugar, flour, and salt and beat until well combined.
  3. Drop by teaspoonfuls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  Let stand for 30 minutes.
  4. Preheat oven to 300.  Bake for 25 minutes.
  5. Let cool completely before removing from parchment paper.

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  1. i have done no summer shopping yet this year except for clothes to wear to weddings and I'm kind of regretting it/craving a good shopping trip, especially after seeing these! Love the color capris and shorts!