Monday, June 03, 2013

Mommy Mondays: 20 Months

Weight: 28lbs 3oz (+ 20 lbs, 13 oz)
Height: 32" (+ 12")
Head: 19" (+ 5.65")

Sleep: We're getting used to our early mornings round these parts.  This month we've had a couple rough nights where he was waking up, and a couple nights where he was sleeping in.  If there's one thing you can depend on with infant/toddler sleep, it's that you can't depend on infant/toddler sleep.

Eating: Still working on weaning.  He finally got comfortable with that dropped morning feed, but with the schedule changes while Thatboy was out of town and all of us were out of town, I thought I'd wait to drop his last feed. 

Best Moment: There are so many this month, but one of my all time favorites was after I dropped him off at school I saw him playing with one of his bestie friends.  Thatbaby jumped into one of those little cars with an open back and motioned his friend to jump in.  His little friend hopped in the open back and the two of them began cruising around the playground.  Beyond adorable.

Monthly Wisdom: This is just a reminder that toddlers are jerks.  Talking to the other moms/dads at daycare we're all having the same issues with our kids behavior with other kids.  Thatboy picked up Thatbaby one day and all the kids rushed to tell him that "X pushed Y" and now "X was in trouble."  Another of Thatbaby's besties has taken to biting.  We got a note home about Thatbaby taking toys away from other kids.  And you know what?  It's hard as a parent.  We walk the fine line between trying to discipline cats and not wanting our children to grow up and become serial killers.  I never look at it as "bad kids."  I love each and every one of Thatbaby's classmates, even the biters and pushers.  It's part of the toddler way.  And all we can do is continue to model good behavior and correct what we can, when we can. 

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Still the babysitter. One day... one day.
-  Better naps/ morning sleeps.
- Dropping that last nursing session.
- Making it through a trial while single parenting!

Things Thatbaby is doing:
-  We've got a little parrot.  Some may call this a language explosion, but it's not so much that his vocabulary is expanding on its own, but that when you ask him to say something, he does.
-  His favorite color is currently purple.  Of course, he thinks every color is purple.
-  He's started stringing together thoughts.  Like calling things "Thatbaby's brush" or "Dada's big truck."  He likes to take us places by offering his hand and telling us "walk me momma" or "walk me dadda" or "walk ______" inserting the name of a friend.
- Conversely, as much as he likes walking with us, he's also starting to demand independence.  He won't let me hold his hand while walking down the stairs anymore.  Which is scary.  And means I now stand in front of him with my arms out - just in case- as he goes down the stairs.
- Thatbaby is able to climb ladders on play structures!
- Our little jumper is actually leaving the ground when he bounces.  And his new favorite trick is to jump back - so he lands on his butt.

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  1. He is such a cutie! And it's just amazing that he's saying almost-sentences now!