Monday, December 17, 2012

Mommy Mondays: First Favorites (0-6 months)

With Channukah over, and Christmas just days away, I'm realizing that this post might have been more helpful last month, but better late than never!

I figured I'd use the next 2 weeks to share some of Thatbaby's favorite toys over the past year, broken into "before he really played with toys" and "after he started getting in to toys."

Hopefully this either gives you some last minute ideas, or some thoughts on what you want to get when you exchange that 9th copy of Goodnight Moon.

So without further ado:

Thatbaby's favorite toys from 0-6 months:

There's a lot of lying around in those early days.  Because babies?  They can't sit, they can't crawl, they can't walk.  All they can do is a fairly good imitation of a rock.  But that doesn't mean they want to stare at a blank ceiling.  Since one of the first things that develops is being able to focus on things and track objects, the playmat got a lot of use at first.  And Thatbaby loved this one.  He loved the different toys, and his first real "playing" with toys involved batting these guys around, or trying to eat them.

 Thatboy's favorite was Mortimer the Moose (pictured above) although we also had a Jacques the Peacock.  And I'm sure he would have loved the many other characters in the Lamaze lineup.  Even now he pulls it out every now and again, but he's not as interested in it as he was during his first few months when it came with us everywhere.  He loved to chew on the antlers (far more than the ever popular Sophie toy) and play with the feet which rattled and crinkled.  And he LOVED that it squeaked.  Each toy is a little different.  Jacques has mirrors and big tactile feathers, but Mortimer's antlers made him the favorite.

 I've mentioned before how indispensible the Seahorse was for us.  It pretty much WAS our naptime routine and what made us able to put Thatbaby down "drowsy but awake" until we had to break the swaddle.  It also was fabulous for long car rides.

The Glow worm was great for outings.  Because it has a "lights only" mode.  Which meant we could bring it and Thatbaby would be entertained by the light without disturbing everyone around us.  He loves it even more now, because it was one of the first toys he was able to push and have it light up/make noise all by himself.

 This was actually the first toy Thatbaby was able to work by himself.  And when we first started having him "eat" with us (Around 3-4 months we started putting him in his highchair during meal times, so he would get used to the social aspect of mealtimes) it kept him entertained while we ate.  I called him my little dj as he would keep the music spinning.  He likes it even more now that he's older, carrying it around and dancing to his own music.

Thatbaby loves balls.  Loves, loves, loves.  (You'll see a fair amount of balls in the next installment too.)  This was his first ball.  And he loved holding it, and then tossing it toward us, and eventually playing the baby version of "catch." 

If you are only going to buy one toy for your 0-6 month old, this is it.  They still haven't lost their appeal and have been really popular from about 4 months onward.  They great both in and out of water, at home or at the beach.  They stack, the build towers, and they travel easily. Best of all, they make no noise, have no lights, and generally have no annoying aspects.  It's my go-to holiday gift for all children under the age of one.

We picked these up at Target in the dollar spot.  I think I bought every one.  We had one in each car, one in my diaper bag, and several at home.  Thatbaby loved the feel of them - both in hand, and in mouth.  And he loved to have them read to him over and over again.


  1. Nathan LOVES his play mat. So naturally, I love his play mat too. I think I need that glow worm and the stacking cups . . .

  2. Your child is SO adorable!

  3. I wish I had babies to buy presents for!