Monday, December 03, 2012

Mommy Mondays: 14 months

(These are still all from last month, since we miraculously didn't go to the doctor's this month)
Weight: 23lbs 15oz (+ 16 lbs, 8 oz)
Height: 31" (+ 11")
Head: 18.5" (+ 5.2")

Sleep: Nights have been rooooough lately.  Between the teething and the cold, he's not sleeping well.  In turn, we're not sleeping well.  AND he's been up and ready to go at 6am - even on the weekends.  Like he missed the memo about weekends being the time to catch up on sleep.

I thought we were back to normal on Friday night, until he woke up at 3:15 am throwing up.  On the plus side, 99% of the time he is a dream when it comes to falling asleep.  He's hit the stage where we can put him in his crib, even when he's not tired, and he'll put himself to sleep.  Which supports my theory that babies don't need to be sleep "trained" because they get there on their own.  Thatbaby is also down to one nap a day - usually.  He's been  taking two the past couple of days because he's been sick.

Eating: Thatbaby now drinks cow's milk on weekdays when he's at daycare.  He still nurses morning, evening, and on the weekends.  And since hes been sick, he's been nursing more, eating solids less, which makes me happy I'm still providing breastmilk for him.

Best Moment: The children's museum was SO MUCH FUN!  I loved watching him play and enjoy himself.  Hearing his belly laughs, watching him smile, every moment he's adorable solidifies again how much I love him. And reminds me of why I don't kill him during his not-so-adorable moments.

Monthly Wisdom: I have nothing for you this month!  We're still dealing with awful separation anxiety that has put me back at square one.  Up until now everything has been pretty easy.  Maybe we've been too lucky?  I feel like we're barely hanging on.  So maybe my advice is, just when you think you've got it nailed down, someone throws a monkey wrench in the works.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Oh my goodness, I looked at last month's goals and they are exactly the same as this month.  With one new addition:
- I sincerely hope we survive Christmas with the inlaws.  Because dealing with the inlaws isn't hard enough, now we get to do it while battling a screaming 14 month old.

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- We've got so many new words this month! Moon, banana, apple, doggie, up, dada, row
- Thatbaby loves "row row row your boat."  We do arm movements that are like pushing/pulling with the arms.  He walks up to you and says "row row" and holds up his arms so you can sing and play with him.
- Thatbaby has finally started signing.  He now signs for "more" and has his own signal for "pick me up."
- Getting in trouble - he likes to stand on his little race-car, which he knows is not allowed.  He's gotten it taken away almost every time he plays with it.
- Thatbaby now helps me in the kitchen.  He likes to put ingredients in the pot/bowl and he is an excellent stirrer.  And he always wants to be in the kitchen, helping.
- His walking has turned into almost running - he's getting so fast!
- He helps "walk the dog", by holding Thatdog's leash when we go for walks.
- He takes off his own shirt, and tries to put on his own shoes and socks so he can go outside.
-  He finally started using the hammer with his whack-a-ball toy!


  1. That really is good advice! I've been hearing that a lot... once you think you've got it nailed down something comes along and messes up the routine. I guess that means I need to learn to be flexible as a mom?
    I hope your little man gets better asap!!

  2. He seems to be succeeding at so many things so quickly! I'm so proud of him. :) From what I've heard about kids, I've gleaned their preferences and behavior can change in an instant, so appreciate it while you've got it but don't be shocked if they do a total 180 the next day!

  3. Hope he feels better soon! I like the advice about sleep training and them getting there on their own. I'm trying to get E to go to bed earlier. So far, no success. She just uses the opportunity to nurse/suck for comfort for two hours. I'd love to be at the point where she goes to sleep around 7pm. Oh crap...I hear crying. She didn't get the memo that's it's 11pm.