Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day in the Life

This week on Eat.Live.Be. we're asked to share a typical day, so you can see how we fit our goals in. Brace yourself kiddies, this is going to be one heck of a ride!

6:30 am - Wake up and head out for a run with Thatdog. (Glass of water 1)
7:00 am - Get home and shower, dress, eat breakfast (Glass of water 2)
8:15ish am - Head in to work.
8:30ish am - ?????? Work. During this time I have Glass of water 3-7. I have a nice snack of some fruit mid morning, lunch, and a combo protein/carb snack mid afternoon. I love cheese and crackers, or turkey and cheese. Here's a really quick snack you can make in YOUR office on an afternoon:

Ritz crackers topped with ham, mustard, cheddar, and olive.

If I can leave work around 5:30pm, at 6pm - head to the gym with Thatboy.
- 7pm - make and eat dinner (glass of water 8)

If I leave work between 6 and 8pm - make and eat dinner (glass of water 8)

Sometime between 8pm and 10pm - make and pack lunch, blog, catch up on email.
10pm - bedtime (Glass of water 9)

Well I told you it was exciting. I do have to say, having a regular schedule helps me to make sure I get my water fix in. At work, I get up every hour to stretch a little, use the restroom, and refill my water glass.

Next week's topic is lunch ideas. I'll share with you some of my tips, tricks, and favorite resources for lunches.

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  1. I thought I drank a lot of water but I think you have me beat.

  2. I've been missing the boat with Eat.Live.Be - mainly because I cannot post on Mondays these days but am loving what everyone comes up with - you are one grand, determined, hydrated lady!

  3. I need to be so much better about drinking water at work. I always have a water bottle on my desk but usually I get so busy teaching I completely forget about it all day!

  4. Wow. I am so incredibly impressed with your water drinking. I mean, I'm really a terrible water drinker but you are like the wonder woman of water.