Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Please God Let It Be Spring Salad

I don't think I will ever be a real Californian. I'm far too cynical and far too annoyed by the climate. A real Californian will tell you it never rains here, or it does rain, but really, its just a day or two out of the year. A real Californian will go on and on about the perfect climate, the temperate weather, the perpetual sunshine.

Let me give you a breakdown of the weather in California:
January - Rain. And when it rains it floods. Literally. The roads flood. Driving is impossible. You have to wade through rivers to get into buildings.
February - Random weather month. Some days its hoooot. Other days its cooooold. Still rain mixed in.
March - Wind, and rain, and cold, and hot. See February.
April-June- Now we begin the random weather months. You have no idea what the weather is going to be. Pack a sweater and a tank top in your car, because just cause it's warm in the morning does not mean it'll be warm an hour later. And keep an umbrella just in case, you know for the rain we've been getting this May. And this is a great time to tell you about the Marine layer - Basically imagine super foggy and cold are morning. We call it June Gloom in June. Would you live in a place that brags of the weather being "gloom"? Not good marketing.
July-October - Gorgeous, warm, perfect beach temps. Let's count, that's 4 months of sun. 4. Not year round.
November -December - It's wet and cold. Rain, rain, and more rain. And when its not raining, it can get down to the 30s here folks.

This week has been the pits. It's been rainy, cold, gloomy, cloudy. I'm sick of it. When is it going to be Spring already? It's May for Pete's Sake!!!! When I was in Trader Joe's tonight I noticed some of the most gorgeous peaches. It's nowhere near peach season, which for me is a sure sign of summer. I figured screw it - the peaches smelled delicious, they were all ripe and perfect, and I hoped if I included them in dinner I might trick the weather into getting warmer.

I paired the sweeter than sweet peaches with spicy arugula. I love the bitterness of the arugula, almost like it bites you back and that's exactly the kind of mood I'm in right now. A bite you back kind of mood. I made some pomegranate vinaigrette to top mine, but a balsamic would work just as well if you don't want to make your own.


  1. My fave salads are those with fruit!

  2. if that's what it takes to be a real californian, then i guess i'm not one either.

  3. You just totally burst my bubble about how wonderful you guys have it out in California. You mean it's not like being in an episode of 90210 every day?? LOL! We are still having plenty of rain here in Alabama. In fact, we are supposed to get big storms today and again this weekend. FUN!

  4. but, see, when it's still snowing in boston in freakin' april, our drizzle and clouds look pretty darn good ;)

    i've always been anti-"fruit in salad", but i'm starting to come around a bit....

  5. I understand being ready for spring. I am tired of rain and just want to be able to run around outside all the time!
    I absolutely adore arugula and I bet it pairs really nicely with the peaches.

  6. I love peaches. That salad looks really yummy.

  7. Let me just say, you're not making my upcoming move to CA any easier! I'm already suspicious of any place that doesn't snow. Rain --> Mud. Ick. Though the peaches look superb. There's a comforting thought.. CA.. the fruit and veggie basket of the US..

  8. I eat your bitter salad up!

    As for the weather, it's not always sunny and perfect but thank god there's no snow, hurricanes, or temps below freezing combined with wind and sleet. I'll take gloom over that shit any day. :)

  9. You must be getting more rain down there than we are. I haven't seen drops in forever. As to the fog and marine layer. I have always hated it UNTIL I had kids. Now I am much more hot. And I do not need or want direct sun as much. I used to worship it and just bask in it.

    Nice salad!

  10. I love peaches. I'm really looking forward to not eating them out of a tin!

    Great salad, sounds delish!