Monday, October 17, 2016

Mommy Mondays: All day at 16 months

Every time I tell someone I'm tired, they don't even feign surprise.  It makes sense.  I start the day running at dawn and got until long past dusk.  There is very little sit around and rest time, especially since those two blonde trouble makers of mine very rarely sit around and rest.

But for those of you who don't know me, here's a clue why I might be yawning or zoning out while trying to have a conversation.

12:01am - Thatbaby has been up since 11:40pm.  Screaming, thrashing, crying.  Thatboy is in his room with him, attempting to calm him.  I take over.  Nights like these we try to trade off.

12:22am - Trade off again.  I go back to sleep and Thatboy takes over again. 

1:22am- Thatbaby is up again.  This is one of those bad nights.  I try nursing him, which doesn't do much.

2:03am - Thatboy comes in to relieve me.

3:23am - Thatbaby is up again.  I nurse him and he miraculously falls asleep.  I bring him to bed at 4am.

5:am - My alarm goes off.  Time to get up.  I shower, get dressed, and start my hair, leaving Thatbaby in bed with Thatboy.

5:22am - Thatbaby wakes up.  I swoop him back into his room so Thatboy can sleep more and nurse him.  He falls back asleep.  I let him sleep in my arms and try and catch a couple extra minutes myself.

6:10am - Thatbaby is wide awake and ready to start the day.

I get him dressed and go back to working on my hair and makeup.

 6:15am - Thatboy wakes up and takes Thatdog for a walk.

6:20am - Thatkid wakes up and comes to find us.

He gets dressed...

And washes his face, brushes his hair, and brushes his teeth.  Meanwhile Thatboy takes a shower.  All the boys are bathroom buddies.

6:30am - breakfast.  The boys have cinnamon toast and cherry smoothies.

I make myself cinnamon toast with pumpkin pie spice cookie butter to bring with me in the car, because

6:34am: Is my time t finishing getting ready.

6:39am: Back in the kitchen.  I get lunches ready, make sure everyone's spare clothes and sheets are ready for school.  Throw jackets on the kids.  Make sure everyone is wearing shoes. Bring all our bags out to the car.

7:04am: We  head to the car.

7:28am: We arrive at Thatbaby's daycare. Give him hugs and kisses and wish him a good day, then head off to our next stop.

7:40am: We arrive at Thatkid's preschool.  I give him hugs and kisses and wish him a good day.

7:43am: head to work.  Eat my toast in the car on the way there.

8:17am: Arrive at work.  Turn and realize Thatkid's sheet for nap is right beside me.  I forgot to bring it in when I dropped him off.  I call the preschool and arrange for a replacement.

Work!  I spend the day going over trade tickets for securities and determining what was bought by whom when.  It's exhilarating stuff here people.

My amazingly awesome neighbors delivered bags and bags of pomegranates to us.  So I also spend the morning snacking on seeds.

12:04pm: lunch time!  Sometimes I grab lunch with coworkers, but today I eat at my desk.  Turkey salad palate from Trader Joes.  Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, kale, it's fantastic.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon I start getting tired, which means it's time for a little snack.  Homemade red pepper hummus on pita.

4:20pm: leave the office and head home!

5:01pm: Arrive at Thatbaby's daycare.  He's thrilled to see me and races up the yard to meet me.  We head out to pick up his brother.

5:15pm: We pick up Thatkid!

5:29pm: We arrive home.

5:41pm: The boys snack on grapes while I heat up dinner and we wait for Thatboy to come home.

5:52pm: Thatboy comes home!

6:06: Dinner time!  We have coffee and cocoa rubbed steak, grilled veggies, a baked potato and spinach ricotta noodles.  More on the steak and vegetables later this week.

6:32pm: Thatboy takes Thatbaby for a bath.

Thatkid has some more grapes while watching some television.

And I get started on dinner for tomorrow night.  It's Yom Kippur, so I work on a nice, substantial meal before we start the fast.  Matzah balls go in the pot before Thatboy calls out to say they're ready for me.

6:52: Thatboy and Thatbaby are done with story time and I nurse Thatbaby.

7:38pm:  Thatbaby is asleep!

I join Thatboy and Thatkid to say goodnight.

7:43pm: Everyone is asleep!  I go back to work in the kitchen.  The matzah balls are done.

I throw lentils and lima beans in a pot to soak so I can cook them into our break the fast dinner on Wednesday.

Honey glazed carrots.

Apricot chicken

And mashed potatoes.

9:00: While the last of dinner prep cooks on the stove or in the oven, I watch Once Upon a Time on the couch with Thatboy, getting ready for bed during the commercials.  Which I have to do quickly because Thatboy fast forwards through the commercials.

9:40pm: I give up any thoughts of staying up and getting anything else done.  It's been a long day.  My to-do list will still be there tomorrow.  I head to bed.


  1. OMF. I can't even. I am exhausted just reading about your day. But man do I give you SO MUCH CREDIT! You're SUPER MOM forsure!

  2. Ugh, and I thought my days were exhausting!! I'm tired for you.