Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Runday: Excuses

I went out for a run on Tuesday afternoon and it was the most enjoyable runs I've had in months.  Mostly because that heat wave finally broke.  And it made me realize that for all my excuses about why I haven't been running as much as I'd like to, the heat is really the biggest issue.

It's been hard to get out lately.  And yes, some of it is still do to the sleep schedule of my four month old, but also because my runs have been so disappointing when I do get out.

I'm slow.  Which I would expect, given that I took off completely for 2 months.  But this is kind of ridiculous.  I was faster when I was 8 months pregnant!  And while there's nothing wrong with being slow, it makes me less inclined to run far distances because it takes so long.  It's become a chore to go out for longer than 3 miles, and sometimes even 3 feels like it drags on all day.

In addition to being slow, the heat and humidity make the runs feel oppressive.  While I was never a run-walker before I was pregnant, I find myself now needing walk breaks.  Even with the slower pace.  Which of course, means it takes me even longer to complete the miles.

I'm about to start another trial, which will of course interfere with my mid-day runs, but I'm hoping by the time it's through, things will have cooled down a bit to make the running experience more pleasurable.  Especially since I need to start training for a half marathon at the end of the month!

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