Monday, October 19, 2015

Mommy Mondays: 4 months with 2 kids

Do y'all remember when I used to do "a day in the life" posts when Thatkid was teeny tiny?  I love reading those, and I love seeing how other people manage to fit things in to their day.  Just in case anyone else enjoys those, I thought I'd share how an every day goes with a 4 month old and a 2 month old.

3:20am: Thatbaby is up to eat.  I feed him and put him back in bed.  Where he wakes up.  Ready to roll for the day.  This does not work for me.

4:00: I tag in Thatboy so he can get Thatbaby back to sleep and I can get a little more sleep before my alarm goes off.

5:00: My alarm goes off for the day.  I shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, and pack up the car.

My bags: Cooler bag for bottles at work, bag with running clothes, lunch box, work bag, pump bag, bottle bag for Thatbaby's daycare.

5:40: I'm all ready for work, and neither of the boys is up.  Yay!  This means I can crawl back into bed (clothes and all) and sleep for a little bit longer.

6:00: Thatboy's alarm goes off.

6:30: I wake up Thatbaby for the morning so I can get another feed in before we leave the house.

At some point during this feeding, Thatkid wakes up.  Usually he comes in and hangs out with Thatbaby and I. but today he heads to the bathroom where Thatboy is showering and sticks with him for the morning.

6:48: I get Thatbaby dressed for the morning while Thatkid dresses with Thatboy.

7:15: We are all dressed and ready to go!

7:28: Everyone is strapped in the car, Thatkid is munching on his breakfast bagel, and I realize that I left Thatbaby's pacifier in the house.  I run back in and grab it.

7:30: We are finally on our way!

7:45: Arrive at Thatbaby's daycare.  I pop his bottles in the fridge, we give him a big hug and kiss and we're on our way.

7:56:  Arrive at Thatkid's preschool.  We put his stuff in his cubby, big hug and kiss, and I'm on my way.

8:01: I hit the road for work.  This morning I'm heading to a deposition instead of the office.  This is also my breakfast time and I snack on an apple muffin I made over the weekend.

8:35: I arrive at the location for the deposition and head in.

9:51: The deposition is concluded.  I head out and hook myself up to the pump so I can pump as I drive back to the office.

10:30: Quick pit stop on my way to work to pick up some more Fenugreek since I'm all out.

10:43: Pitstop over.  Head into the office.

10:51: Arrive at work.  Today is all about drafting oppositions to motions.  Yay for the week before trial!

1:07pm: I combine my next pumping break with lunch.  Some steak, a meat pastie, popcorn, and some chocolate chip banana bread I also made over the weekend.

1:23: I get word that I have a late meeting the next day so I call Thatboy to see if he can pick up the kids.

4:00: Another pump break.  I snack on some rice cakes while I pump.

4:34: Time to go!  I head out of work and home to pick up the boys.  I love my drive home.  I get to drive through the forest!

5:14: Arrive at Thatbaby's daycare.  He is always happy to see me.

5:27: Arrive at Thatkid's preschool.  He is also happy to see me, but happier to see his brother.

5:43: We arrive home.  Usually we get home before Thatboy, but today he took the early bus home and was there to greet us when we arrived.

Thatboy entertains the troops while I heat up dinner.

6:04: Thatboy gives Thatbaby a bath and gets him ready for bed while Thatkid and I have dinner.

6:17: SWITCH!  Thatboy comes out and has dinner with Thatkid while I nurse Thatbaby and put him to sleep.

6:57: I come back out and finish my dinner.

7:08: Thatboy gives Thatkid a bath and gets him ready for bed while I turn on some Michael Franti and do some laundry.

7:16: Dishes round 1!  All of Thatbaby's bottles as well as our lunch boxes.

7:34: I start making lunches for Thatboy and I when Spiderman comes out to let me know he's ready for bed.

7:49: Thatboy and I curl up on the bed with Thatkid and read him a bedtime story.  Tonight he decides it's my turn to read.

7:57: I'm back finishing up lunches. French toast, some salami slices, blackberries and kiwi, and a couple cookies.

8:06: I start prepping dinner for the next night so it's all ready after work.  Thatboy puts on The Arrow and I listen to it while I chop and cook.

8:30: I do a little Blogilates while we watch television.

9:00:  Dinner is done, so I do dishes Round 2 - all the dishes from making lunches and dinners.

9:20: Sit down and pump for the last time of the day.  We catch up on Bob's Burgers.

9:45: Dishes round 3!  All the pump pieces.

9:57: I put the laundry in the dryer and head to bed.


  1. Your days sound like mine (type of work done, excepted)!

  2. Wow! I can't imagine a day can go so quickly and you are good doing so many things all within one! You are a super mum!

  3. Woah -- the morning car routine is tight. I'm usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything together in the morning. But, I usually get up between I'll sacrifice a bit of morning sanity for sleep.