Monday, July 07, 2014

Mommy Mondays: Pete The Cat

It's book review time!  Only because I am obsessed with this series, and if you have a toddler, you will be too.

So this story starts with a scholastic book order.  When Thatbaby brought home his first one, Thatboy and I were so excited.  We remembered how much fun it was picking out books and waiting for them to come in when we were in school.  As we flipped through the offerings, I saw a book called "Pete the Cat."  Immediately I thought of L&O, who has a cat named Pete.  Well, Petey, but close enough.  I ordered a copy of the book for Little LO.

Of course, when it came in, we had to check it out before passing it along.  People, let me tell you - I love this book.  The basic premise is that Pete has white shoes, he keeps stepping in things and the shoes turn different colors, but instead of flipping out, Pete keeps his cool and sings about how he loves whatever color those shoes turn.   Which to me is exactly what I want my kid reading about.  My kid, who flips out if he has the wrong colored spoon.  We all need to be more like Pete.  Because when life gets rough for Pete, or something bad happens, does Pete cry?  Goodness no!  Because it's all good.

Well obviously after we handed over the book to its rightful owner.  So the next time we got a book order, I flipped through it looking for Pete.  Which is how I came to learn that there is a whole series of books!

We got Thatbaby a 3-pack of Pete the Cat books which included "I love my white shoes," "Four Groovy Buttons" and "Rockin' in my School Shoes," along with a stuffed Pete doll.

I love each and every one of these books which continue the theme of going with the flow.  In "Four Groovy Buttons" Pete keeps loosing the buttons on his shirt.  But does he cry?  Goodness no!  (This book is also great for new counters, because they can say how many buttons are left)  In "Rockin' in my School Shoes" Pete has a bunch of new experiences in a school.  But does he cry?  Goodness no!

Seriously, if you deal with a toddler on a regular basis, you know that "flexibility" only really applies to the fact that they can touch their toes.  They're not terribly adaptable.  Which is why I like this series so much.  If even a smidge of Pete the Cat rubs off on Thatbaby, I'd be one happy mom!


  1. Spoken like the true mother of a toddler...! lol.
    H flips if he can't have the BLUE turtle socks, and wants to wear pajamas to "school"
    Some days, I swear he is just difficult just to press Mama's buttons.

    I'll check out these books - they look cute!

  2. I love that "Goodness no!". These books sound adorable!