Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beer, Beer, and Parenting

My favorite summer time drink is without a doubt, the margarita.  The ice, the salt, the sweet lime flavor.  But also in the summer I tend to stray away from the wine in favor of a nice, cool beer.  Yeah, I drink a lot of beer in the summer.

And lately, we've been finding ways to incorporate Thatbaby while exploring new and different brews.  Like when we ventured to Plan 9 Alehouse, which has 26 beers on tap, 37 in bottles, and a play area for kids.

And thanks to SD Mom I also discovered that Stone Brewery has a farm! Which is so perfect for family outings. 

There's a tasting room, naturally, and picnic tables to sit and drink and eat.  We brought our own lunches, but there's also a pizza oven if you get there early.

And while the parents sit and drink, there's so much to keep the little ones entertained. 

The HorseWhispers met us there this weekend, and Thatbaby was happy to show Little HW the ropes.

After the two of them swung their hearts out on the playground, he took her to see the peacocks and the goats.

Dear parents, if you really want to keep your kid entertained while you drink, there's nothing better than letting them bring a friend along.  Especially if their friend has super cool parents you're friends with.

Because there's nothing better than being able to indulge in your favorite pasttime with some of your favorite people.

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  1. Awww love it! Beer + babies = a summer afternoon of happiness!