Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Fourth at Home

The Fourth of July is always really hectic for us.  Usually it involves getting up at the crack of dawn so I can run a race and/or we can snag a good spot on the beach where we camp out all day waiting for fireworks.  Usually we end up tired and cranky from dealing with the crowds.

So we were really excited when we realized that we would probably be able to see fireworks from our new house, without having to pack a cooler for the day.  Some neighborhood reconnaissance confirmed that fireworks, while maybe not visible from our backyard, were certainly so from across the street, or at the top of the street.  Which meant, for the first time in years, we got to enjoy the holiday in a relaxed manor, in the comfort of our own home.

I started the day off by preparing a special Independence Day breakfast for the boys and myself.  Red, White, and Blue-berry pancakes!

Then, because I didn't sign up for a race this year, and because Thatbaby has been asking to run with me all week, the two of us went for a run.  We ran all the way to Target and picked up some flags to decorate with before running back home.  Thatbaby really got into the whole flag waving aspect of the holiday.
We spent the rest of the morning unpacking Thatbaby's room.  Because we've been here a month and it's still in boxes.  Poor kid.  

In the afternoon, we started preparing for festivities.  Which means Thatboy got his very first grill experience with our new barbecue.

And I pulled the watermelon out of the freezer. 

That ice cold watermelon didn't stand a chance.  Even before it hit the table the boys were digging in.  We blew up Thatbaby's new pool and filled it up so everyone could stay cool.

Even Thatdog got to enjoy some holiday watermelon.  But not the pool.  Thatdog hates water. He was content hanging out on the grass and keeping an eye on us.

The Ks were in town, so later in the evening, they stopped by to join us.  We threw both boys in the pool to cool down.

When it started getting dark, our neighbor came over to check in on us and bring by some drinks.  I popped open some of the glow treats I got for the boys.

Shortly before the fireworks began, the whole crew of us headed across the street to my neighbor's lawn.  They had a great view of the fireworks and had invited us to check it out.  As we sat on blankets and lawn chairs, drinking and enjoying the show, our neighbors remarked that it was so nice to have a neighborhood group to do this with.  Our own little block party, and the first of its kind in the 10 years they've lived there.  The lights filled up the sky and the young ones watched in awe.  And when it was all over, we didn't have to weave our way through crowded parking lots or busy streets.  Instead we sat talking, then crossed over to our own waiting beds.  I'm looking forward to continuing this tradition for years to come!


  1. What a luxury to have such a great fireworks view! That's the only problem with living somewhere so flat... there are fireworks almost every week just 3 miles down the road, and while I can definitely hear them I can only see a few small blotches in the air. Next time you'll just have to organize a bigger block party!

  2. It sounds like you got to enjoy a bit of a less hectic 4th July this year then, it sounds like a good neighbourhood, and dogs eat watermelon - who knew!
    So much good food, and Summer shenanigans, gotta love some fireworks for the celebrations :) x

  3. A fun 4th of July at home!! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.