Monday, April 14, 2008

This one goes out to the mamas

With a special shout-out to Jmama!

This probably doesn't deserve a post of its own, but I went to visit my friend L and her new baby boy this weekend. After reading Jmama's post about how to make chicken stock, I knew I wanted to make my very own homemade chicken soup - with homemade chicken stock. And since I love to take food over to new moms, I thought this would be perfect.

So I made my very first chicken noodle soup - but in an effort to use up the pantry I used orzo i instead of noodle - kinda a cross between chicken soup with rice and chicken noodle soup. It was good times. Do you see the pretty fat droplets on top? That's a good sign for chicken soup.
I also brought over some tortellini and stew. Just in case you want to make these at home:

Elly's Beef Stew

Giada's Cheesy Tortellini

L and her husband really appreciated the mass quantities of food I brought over. Apparently food was delivered on a fairly regular basis when "Nemo" was born, but now that he's a whole 5 weeks old there's a lot less and poor L worries that it won't be long before she has to start cooking again. L's husband especially loved the tortellini, so I feel confident recommending it (like most Giada recipes).

And Nemo? What a sweetie. Poor thing was unbearably hot due to the unseasonable heat, but as long as I kept blowing on him he was pleased as punch just to be held. When Nemo was first born he was the spitting image of L. I joked with her that he could have been immaculately conceived. But now that he's a little older he's starting to look more like his dad.

It was great to see Nemo before I moved and catch up with L. She's been so tired during this whole last month since he's been born we haven't had a lot of time to talk, but this was the opportunity to make up for it! It was a little ominous how she kept telling me how I should put off having a child for as long as humanly possibly, but I'll blame that on the fact that she hasn't had a full night's sleep in 5 weeks.


  1. If I ever become a mama, will you bring me food? :)

  2. I'm so glad that you brought them such abundance in terms of food. As to L's ominous comment, well, I have heard it said that the best birth control EVER is watching the friends around you go through the first year of parenthood. eep!

  3. yummy! the soup and tortellini look especially tasty. what a good friend you are!

  4. Aww, what a great friend you are! I hope your friend liked everything...I'm sure she will :)

  5. Yum that soup and tortelloni both look so good - that is so nice of you!

    The orzo reminded me of this fab soup I had at Souplantation over the weekend: lemon chicken orzo. So good, so refreshing. Maybe that is something you could put your own spin on? I know nothing of cooking whatsoever so whether or not that is feasible I'll leave to you.

  6. Food is the BEST thing to bring a new mom. I am sure she was stoked.

  7. Looks good. There is something so satisfying about making your own chicken soup.

    Kids are wonderful, amazing and full of life. But I have not slept until my body was ready to wake up in almost 4 years! Actually the first month seems easy because that's when no one EXPECTS you to cook, clean or do anything but take care of the baby.

  8. that is so sweet of you to bring over your homemade goodness! having been there, it is lovely to have such simple things taken care of, at least for a few days.

  9. Added orzo is always A+ in my book.

    Did Cat just say Lemon Chicken Orzo?


  10. How sweet are you making food for new mums.

    Speaking of sending food to people, are you still interested in some cadburys?

  11. Orzo is a great idea for chicken soup! I'm so proud of your for making your own stock! :) Don't you feel like such a "professional" now? LOL! ;)
    Good job!