Thursday, April 24, 2008

Product Review: Dove Volumizing Conditioner

So growing up, I was very OCD about my clothes. Including the fact that everything had to match. Down to the underwear. I've gotten a million times better, and that extends to my hair. I used to NEED to have shampoo and conditioner that were the same brand. But now I just go for what works. Or what I have a coupon for......

What: Dove Volumizing Conditioner
How Much: $5.99
Where to buy: the supermarket
Review: The only problem with conditioner, is that I can't use it alone. It's hard to review because its always used in combination with shampoo. So let me tell you - this is cheap, it smells good, it makes my hair smell good, it makes my hair soft and it doesn't f-up all the hard work of my shampoo. Does it add to the shampoo? Maybe. But how would I know? I will tell you that the other morning I was VERY tired and I kept putting this on my poof and getting VERY annoyed that it wouldn't lather. However, before I noticed I was using the wrong product, I did notice it made my skin very soft too. So as far as I'm concerned this conditioner does everything a conditioner is supposed to do. And you can't beat the price. And the fact there are always coupons.


  1. I strongly prefer matching shampoos and conditioners. I don't judge you.

  2. i admit that i've actually used conditioner as shaving gel in a pinch. sounds like this would do the trick, especially if it makes your skin soft, too :)

  3. conditioner works well for shaving, too :)