Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Product Review: Matrix Amplify Color XL Shampoo

I just want to start out with a super big shout out to my girls Haley and Katie. Thanks for the e-cards!!!! They both made me laugh and pumped me up.

In contrast to ubercool Haley and Katie, I had some pretty lame friends in high school. One of the things we would do was sit around and lunch and play "if you were a......" (I did preface this with the fact that they were pretty lame.) We played "if you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?" (general consensus was that I would be a yorkie......), "if you were a character from Winnie the Pooh, which one would you be?" General consensus? I'd be Tigger. Because I'm bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun. (Although in retrospect, it didn't take much with that group to be the "fun" one)

However, even though my personality might be bouncy, my hair never followed suit. Instead, if my hair were a character from Winnie the Pooh, it'd be Eeyore. Mopey, gloomy, and generally dejected. So like any good Tigger, I've tried to infuse a little bounce into my ole pal. I love love love my Matrix Full Body Texturizer, so I thought I'd try to build on that, starting with the first crucial hair step - my shampoo!

What: Matrix Amplify Color XL Shampoo
How Much: $16.50
Where to buy: any "beauty supply" store
Review: So right now there is color in my hair, but even if there wasn't I'm a huge fan of shampoos for color treated hair. I mean, its extra gentle and who doesn't want an extra gentle shampoo? And this one is volumizing too! I really have noticed a difference in my hair since I started using it. It claims to increase hair thickness and diameter and the scientist in me doesn't believe that actually happens, but my hair is noticeably fuller. I can also vouch that while the layering helps create bouncy bouncy bouncy hair, my hair still has volume even when I don't use the texturizing spray in addition to this faboo shampoo. I also love the way it smells. I forget until I get a whiff of Jon's head and think - oooooo someone washed his hair today!


  1. Wow... not only food, but product reviews? You are full of great information!

    ps... you've been tagged!

  2. Oh new product. I always love trying new hair stuff.

  3. Shout right back at ya, my ubercool Kate! No good deed goes unnoticed by you, my friend.

    ~ubercool Katie

  4. you kill me with your stories and how they lead in to your actual post topic.