Saturday, April 12, 2008

How to get a husband out of bed

When you're selling a house, or having someone over, the experts all agree you should put something with cinnamon in the oven. The smell fills up the kitchen, and if you live in a tiny little apartment, it drifts into the bedroom and wakes up your husband.

I woke up this morning wanting to make Jon breakfast. Last week I was awoken with breakfast in bed (and this time he even cleaned up...which was a first considering usually he leaves me all the pans and dishes). It was time to do something nice for him. There have been a bunch of cinnamon roll recipes floating about and I thought he would love that. The only problem? Rising time. I'm no stranger to yeast, and it doesn't scare me but I do know its hard to throw together something which has yeast as a central ingredient. So a little more searching led me to the Fleishmann's website which had a cinnamon roll-like recipe that took less than an hour from beginning to breakfast.

Only problem? I didn't have 2 packets of yeast on hand. I'm trying to use up what I had so I can buy the "good stuff" in the bottle so I only had 1 left. No worries, I'd just halve the recipe. I didn't need to feed 9 people anyway.

Yeah...this wasn't my most brilliant idea. I mean, it was a good thought, but I didn't go all the way - which is often my problem. I shouldn't have made this in a loaf pan because the 8x8 was just too big! Which meant, instead of becoming a cinnamon cake, it became a cinnamon pizza. And some pieces burnt right to the side of the dish - which is always fun to clean...

The good news is, this was the best cinnamon pizza I have ever had. Jon loved it and was so thankful I'd made some extra icing because he loved it so much. There's a high cinnamon to dough ratio making this a very rich breakfast.

If you want to make this, you can find the recipe here. However, here's my words of advice:
1) Don't halve it. BUT
2) If you're going to halve it - make it in a loaf pan. This would make an excellent coffee cake/sweet bread.
3) The recipe says to let it cool before putting on the icing. That's a really good idea, because if you don't the icing melts as you can see from the pictures.


  1. Ha ha. Good post. I am actually planning on making Orangette's cinnamon roll recipe tonight for brunch tomorrow. I hope it turns out. But it is good to know about this quickie recipe just in case. Actually I think your photo looks tastier than that depicted on the Fleishman site. For some reason it looks dry and maybe like gingerbread. What a nice wife you are! And what a sweet husband to actually make you breakfast.

  2. I will eat your cinammon pizza any day.

  3. Man - you go to alot of trouble to sell the house :) ... I'd just drop some vanilla on the stove element and let it infiltrate the house - call me lazy.

  4. Hmmmmmm cinnamon pizza.... sounds perfect to me!!!! Great breakfast!

  5. the icing thing always happens to me. i just CANT WAIT! i mean... who wants to eat a cold cinnamon roll!?

  6. YUM! Who'd want to halve it! I think I would double it!!!

  7. That would certianly get me out of matter how early!

  8. i love fresh baked sweets in the morning. even all pizza-like, it still looks great... and i bet it smelled even better!

  9. mmm, cinnamon pizza.

    another lovely smell for open houses and things of that nature is fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

  10. Here's the thing...that cinammon pizza looks great and I want some. I don't care what it was supposed to look like. :)