Monday, December 01, 2014

Mommy Mondays: Favorites 2-3 years

It's that time of year again, time to start thinking about holiday gifts!  I know I start worry as soon as Thanksgiving passes.

For us, year 3 was the year of wheels, which is what Thatbaby's favorites reflect.

Lego Junior- Don't get me wrong, Thatboy is still a fan of Duplos, especially when it comes to building airships, but the past year he's graduated to the smaller Lego Juniors.  Maybe because the things they build are more interesting to him?  We're getting less towels and more things that look like the box itself.

Scooter- This is Thatbaby's current favorite wheeled vehicle. Given the choice, he currently only wants to scooter.  I think that's because he has the most control and can go the fastest on it, although he's still working on cornering.

Balance Bike- Thatbaby has a love hate relationship with his "green bike."  He likes it and it is his bike of choice, but he also gets really frustrated with it.  Partially because he wants the seat on the highest level, but then his feet don't touch the ground, so he can't actually use it.  I am a strong proponent of the balance bike as opposed to getting a bike with training wheels.  I really do not relish the thought of trying to teach a child to ride a bike, and this way I don't have to!  Lazy parenting at its finest.

Skateboard- Such a daddy/son bonding activity.  It's so cute to watch the two of them roll around the backyard, or go to a park.  In general, I wasn't the biggest fan of getting a 2 year old a skateboard.  Sounds too dangerous, but Thatbaby has really impressed me and I do think it has helped with his balance and coordination.

T-Ball Set - There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of connecting the bat and the ball.  Thatbaby loves it.  His favorite thing is to put it on our top step and send the ball sailing across the back yard.

Pool toys - And we don't even have a pool.

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  1. Love how thatbaby is into so many active things!! yay for fun exercise!