Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sit right here and drink another beer in Mexico....

Upon finding out about my new job, C immediately emailed me and asked when we were going out to celebrate. I sighed and looked at my overbooked, overcrowded schedule and told her I thought I was free the first weekend in March.

We went back and forth trying to figure out the wheres, whens, and whos. I remembered the Marathon on Sunday, but Saturday seemed to work out for everyone. Final decision was a Mexican restaurant in Irvine Saturday night, girls and husbands. On Sunday, Jon gets a call from Bill.

Jon: Bill called me, he wants to know if we want to go to Rosarito on Saturday.
Me: Bill's confused. We're going to MEXICAN on Saturday, not MEXICO.
Jon: mmmmm, I don't know about that.......

Sure enough, the next day I get a call from Liz to see if we're in. We went back and forth over the details including the whens and hows, ensuring that C and her husband, H were also include. At 6 PM on Friday 2 carloads of peoples and puppies pulled up outside my office so we could begin our caravan into Mexico!

Initially, I was a little concerned about the trip. It was a last minute, fly by the seat of your pants kind of trip...which makes me anxious. We had just got back from a trip, which makes me tired. And I'm cheering in the marathon Sunday, which made me wonder if this trip would really be worth it, or if I would just be heading down to turn around. But once we got there, I realized - this was exactly what I needed. A nice relaxing evening with some fun and beer.

We stayed at Liz's parents' place. A beautiful home that was literally right on the water.
I'm spoiled. I can never go back to Mexico and not stay in a home. The convenience and comfort are unmatched by any hotel (and I do love a nice hotel).

We got in late due to some unforseen incident at the Border which had traffic backed up for hours. While the boys went for food, the girls unpacked cars, got the dogs set up, and started on the beers. By the time the food showed up, we were starving! The boys went to Taco Manuel and brought back quesadillas. They were hot, they were spicy, they were exactly what we needed.
We proceeded to spend the rest of the night huddled round the table telling funny stories to make each other laugh. We didn't even realize how much time had passed, until it was already the next morning and definitely bedtime.

We got up Saturday morning and the sun was shining on the patio overlooking the ocean. So it was breakfast, showers, and lying around doing more talking.
When the clouds rolled in, chilling the air we decided to head into Rosarito for lunch. We ate at a place called El Nido which was like stepping into the aviary of a zoo. There were floor to ceiling bird cages separating the rooms, dark wood, and lots of jungly trees, hanging over the table. The food was excellent and it was fun that everyone got something different. At our table we had tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tamales......Everyone definitely enjoyed! I had the beef tamales which were filled with beef and black onions. Jon had the beef tacos, with juicy chunks of meat.

After lunch we packed up and headed out to wait to cross back to the US. Border waits are always long and painful. Today was no different. We came home and watched a movie while we enjoyed the rest of our relaxing day.

Thanks C for knowing I needed a break, and thank you to our wonderful host and hostess for planning the whole trip! It was just what I needed and exactly when I needed it!


  1. Looks so fun!

    Confession: As well traveled as I am, I've never been to Mexico.

  2. Yay! Looks beautiful!

    Confession: also never been to Mexico =(

  3. mmm...mexican food.

    confession: never been to baja mexico.

  4. Confession: I've been to Mexico a ton...and I love it!

    What a fun little trip! :-D I love those kind of getaways!

  5. confession: i've never been to mexico either. ;)

    sounds like a totally fun overnight-er!

  6. Wow! How cool! sounds fantastic!

  7. AHHHHH we're going to have to set these non Mexico visiting nesties straight!

    I see a baja weekend in our future.

    Kate! What an awesome weekend!!!!!

    So completely deserved! Sounds like my definition of a PERFECT weekend.

  8. That sounds like so much fun. Love the spontaneity.