Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another exciting adventure

It was an awfully busy day today. We began with a brunch with my brother and his new girlfriend. She's a cutie!
For me, every brunch NEEDS to have bloody marys. It's essential. And just in case anyone was more in the mood for lunch instead of breakfast, I like to have sandwich fixings ready to go.

But of course, breakfast is the most important meal, so there had to be some breakfast food. Like this egg and sausage strata.
My new favorite salad - butter lettuce, mango, green onions, and goat cheese with a mint vinaigrette.
And for dessert - lemon curd and berry parfait. There was way too much of this stuff. I think we all ate till we were sick!

After brunch Jon, Ringo, and I headed to San Diego for the rest of the day to look for a new place to live. There will be much much more to update with that later.

We came home exhausted so I suggested we pick up something from the new barbecue place I've been dying to try, Smokey's House of Barbecue in Dana Point. The portions here were ridiculously huge. RE-DICULOUS. And all the meals came with a choice of two sides.

Jon got the catfish po-boy with sweet potato fries and baked beans. Because the beans came in a separate tub, they loaded him up with extra sweet potato fries. He could hardly put a dent in them after eating his entire sandwich. Every mouthful had him moaning about how delicious it was, especially the sauce, which I think he licked up when he finished. I wasn't quite as impressed with my pulled pork po-boy, but I was definitely full after half. I didn't make much of a dent in my fries either. But I do think they are the best sweet potato fries I've ever had. And the grand total for this meal to feed a small island? $19.00 ( tax).


  1. Your brunch looks delish.

    God bless the USA for ridiculous portions.

  2. i think my body needs fruit because the parfaits are looking the most appealing out of everything.

    and i love sweet potato fries. and shrimp po' boys.

    fruit + lemon curd still looks best.

    the rest of the brunch looks wonderful, too. yum.

  3. When can I come over for brunch?

  4. Did you drink all the sangria?! That strata looks yummy.

  5. The breakfast looked amazing - bloody marys definitely get my wheels in motion first thing in the "whatever". That po-boy is ridiculous - who eats that much?

  6. Note to self: invite self over to Kate's for brunch ;-)

  7. i love salads with butter lettuce.

    and while i'd have picked around the fruit, that lemon curd looks DELISH.

  8. You've been a very busy bee today!!!!! Great work.... now go stick your feet up! lol

  9. Your brunch is SOO cute! LOVE IT!

  10. we haven't had bbq in ages and now this post is making me crave it. :/