Monday, December 24, 2007

This little piggy went to the market....

My friend A had a really crappy birthday last year. Oh do I understand crappy birthdays! But this one was her 30th and I was so upset it wasn't good that I had been telling her all year we were going to "redo" her 30th this year. Of course, she didn't want a big deal made of her birthday, and the only way we were able to get her to celebrate was to have her birthday under the guise of a "holiday party."

A is a woman of two personalities. On the one hand, there is nothing she likes better than something small and intimate with the people who are important to her. She is very close to her family and her close friends are kept close. On the other hand, there is nothing she likes better than to hit the hottest clubs with people you and I would only read about the next day.

For her birthday, we chose to do the "small and intimate" kind of party. L graciously offered her beautiful new home for the occasion and volunteered to cook. Personally, I think this is mostly due to Nemo, the small wonder due to arrive some time in March and causing her to want to stay at home and be all motherly and junk.

Since I can never arrive empty handed, I had to bring something. And it had to be something "classy" since A herself was tempted to bring caviar (unfortunately we're the wrong kind of crowd for caviar). Prosciutto practically screams classy. Especially when its wrapped around goat cheese.

The evening was wonderful with lots of laughs, great conversation, and great food. All the elements of a great birthday party. Maybe we can talk A into turning 30 again next year!

Prosciutto Rolls
3 oz cream cheese, room temp
4 oz goat cheese, room temp
12 slices prosciutto
fig jam
baby arugula leaves

1) Mix together cream cheese and goat cheese
2) lay out 3 slices of proscuitto so they are barely overlapping and the long part of the rectangle is facing you.
3) Spread the fig jam on the bottom half of the prosciutto rectangle.
4) Spread the cheese mix on the top half of the prosciutton rectangle.
5) Place argula leaves over fig half.
6) Starting at the bottom, roll up the proscuitto jelly roll style.
7) Repeat with remaining ingredients until you have 4 rolls.
8) Wrap each roll in plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour
9) Slice rolls into bite size pieces


  1. Your rolls turned out way prettier than mine! I think I need to use more goat cheese next time. Hope you're surviving....