Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas with someone else's inlaws

I'm not a huge fan of my in-laws. However, I love my brother inlaw's inlaws. They are warm, friendly people who make anyone feel like part of the family.

Normally I spend Christmas Eve with my inlaws. We go to mass, come home and father inlaw begins preparing dinner. We usually eat so late I can't remember my name from starvation.

Jon's brother, his wife, and their children spend Christmas Eve at sister in law's house with her family. This year we all made the trip over. It was a welcome change from the usual solemnity.

When I say the S's are warm and generous, I really mean it - check out the ridiculous amount of gifts! The gifts began under the tree, but since there wasn't enough room there, they quickly spread to every available surface. Then they spread across the floor when surface area grew scarce. Check out my niece next to one of her gifts.

We began the evening with a "guess the Christmas song" game. I won. I always win games. It was probably pretty embarrassing that the Jew won the game, but everyone was very gracious about it.

Then came the food - food for days! Lumpia, Pancit, bifsteak, fried chicken, butternut squash.......more, more, more. And when you were done with dinner it was time for dessert! Fried plantains, apple pie, pecan pie, lemon meringue pie..... Everything was so amazing, and we actually ate at a reasonable time!

Then came the opening of gifts, which felt like it took hours! There was lots of laughter and lots of warmth. It was definitely a family Christmas.


  1. You and I are the same w/games! I always win, too...even at BABY showers! :)

  2. i'm so glad there was another bright spot in your trip up north. i think this should become your new tradition for christmas eve :)

  3. Winning games rules. :) Happy to hear you had a nice Christmas.