Sunday, September 09, 2007

Birthday Overboard!

This was a major birthday weekend for me. I had two birthdays this weekend for people who are very close to me.

Friday was my brother's birthday. This entailed dinner with my family at Yardhouse. Yardhouse isn't anything special, but for the past few years, birthday dinners for my brother have started with a family meal out, then his friends would join him at the restaurant for a night of drunkenness which often times ended with him passed out on the driveway. So Yardhouse is a great place for both family dinners and drinking with friends. The problem with Yardhouse is that its not really conducive for conversation - especially on a Friday night. So there was a lot more pointing and nodding than actually catching up. I think I heard my bro mention that he's in Santa Barbara for the weekend, but who can ever really be sure?

Saturday was Sabrina's birthday. Sabrina and I met in college. She was in my sorority and best friends with one of my roommates, but we didn't really become close until Senior Year when we took History of the Beatles together. We sat next to each other and passed notes. We picked our favorite Beatles, planned our weddings, and decorated our gigantic houses we would have in the future. Next semester we took The American Musical. We sat next to each other and passed notes. All in all it was a pretty sweet gig. We were damn near inseparable. We were part of a group of girls who took trips to Vegas every year and all of us were very close. After graduation Sabrina was going to start applying to law schools. With a BA in theater I had zero job prospects and decided my pre-college goal of becoming a lawyer specializing in bioethics didn't sound like such a bad idea. Especially since Sabrina was applying to law school. We could sit next to each other, pass notes. It would be great. Except Sabrina ended up at a different law school than me. The next three years passed in a blur of emails, depression, and very little face time for the two of us. And 3 years of missed birthdays. So now that school is over, I just had to make the trek up to LA to celebrate.

I hate driving up to LA. Hate it hate it hate it. First there was a lane closure which backed up traffic for an hour. Then there was an accident which backed up traffic more. Took me forever to get up there. Luckily, I had reinforcements to boost my spirits when I got there. The world renowned Wee-Mo met me in Pasadena and babysat me for hours until dinner. She describes it excellently in her blog.

Dinner for Sabrina was at the Melting Pot. It was my first experience with this restaurant and I definitely think I would go back. For people like me, who have never been, its a fondue restaurant. Cheese, Meat, Chocolate - every kind you can imagine. There was endless food, and endless good times. I laughed so hard all night. I snorted, I gasped, I cried. I forgot how much I love my friends. It definitely made my drive worth it.

Happy Birthday Alex and Sabrina!


  1. Your bro and friends are all so attractive! I can't believe you agreed to hang with a MONKEY.

    "World-renowned." I'm snorting all over again.

  2. Sorry, I couldm't get to the rest of the post after seeimg *Rockstar's* photo - ukmowhaimsayim???? *SWOOMIMG*

  3. D's picture on that monitor was sheeer genius.

    Don't think I didn't notice what specific post you were looking at on the nest. LOL.

    And your brother is hot.

    Ok I'm done.

  4. I see what all the hype about your brother is about. ::drool::

    I know that feeling of getting together with old friends and having so. much. fun. I love that feeling.