Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville

I did it! I graduated! Got the diploma and everything! The graduation went as well as graduations can go. I mean it was long and boring, but I got the degree and that's all that matters - right?

After the graduation the real celebration began. We went to lunch at Casa de Pico. I love Casa de Pico. Ever since my first time in San Diego when Des suggested we "get margaritas." I should tell you that one of the things I love about Des is her love of chips, salsa, guac, and margaritas. We're soul mates. The original Casa de Pico moved from Old Town to Grossmont Plaza, but it is worth the drive. And we didn't have to deal with any other graduation parties.

This was my first margarita. Do you see the size of that thing? Look at the size of my head, now look at the glass, now back at my head.....are you getting the correlation? I got a medium because I was too embarrassed to order the large. Its seriously large enough for 4 people.

Now, those of you that know my from college know I can hold my liquor. Unfortunately you will all be very disappointed to learn I can no longer pass the Zach test after 2 drinks. Those of you who know me now know what I'm talking about. I am a COMPLETE lightweight/cheap date/drunk. In fact after that one margarita, I was having trouble holding a conversation with my niece. But did that stop me? No way! I'm learning Spanish and "Uno mas margarita por favor" is high on my knowledge list. But don't worry, I had a small.

Then it was off to Alexa's. Alexa's roommate from 1L year was Jamie, who apparently makes the world's greatest Sage Margaritas. What's that? Did I hear Margarita???? Yes Please! They were delicious! So I stole the recipe of course, but I think I'm going to tweak it a bit, since I'm more of a grand marnier girl than a triple sec girl. And maybe play with some other herbs. What can I say? I'm inspired. Now pass the salt and the lime!

Jamie's Sage Margaritas

Triple Sec
Margarita Mix (she used premixed, but you can also make your own with a 3-2 ratio of Sweet and Sour and triple sec)

1) Muddle Sage until it is throughly muddled (basically you want all the sage goodness to come out of the leaves)
2) Add a 3-2 ratio of margarita mix to tequila
3) Add 1 oz of triple sec for as many servings as you are making


  1. Sara ( Zeesbride )May 27, 2007 at 8:45 PM

    Congrats again, Kate looks like you had a great time celebrating!! :D

  2. Congratulations, hot stuff! :-) I'm so proud of you! Mmmm. I want one of those margaritas!!

  3. I'm sooo proud of you!!! Yay for Kate!!!

  4. Congratulations!!! Now onto the fun of Barbri :)