Wednesday, May 30, 2007


There's this amazing vegan restaurant in San Diego that I became addicted to in law school. Kung Food. They had the best wraps and fresh juices.

Even now that I'm miles away and the restaurant has been shut down by greedy corporate types, I still have cravings.....and when I do I have to make tofu burritos. Once again, my good natured husband who eats just about anything (but tomatoes) humors my indulgences. (Of course, he's a Kung Food fan too, so that helps). I had left over tofu from dinner earlier this week, so tonight when I got home and wanted something quick and easy tofu burritos sounded JUST right.

Tofu Burrito
2 flour tortillas
1/4 cup chopped red onions
1/2 cup brown rice cooked with cumin and chipoltle chili pepper
lightly fried firm tofu, cut into strips
cheddar cheese
1 bell pepper cut into strips and grilled

Divide ingredients between the tortillas and roll. Told you it was quick and easy.

In other news, we are now thankfully done with Con Law review. And yes, it was taught by Cherminsky, which only goes to show he did not get better with age. AND it might be wise for Barbri to invest in new lecturers since it appears he was the lecturer 100 years ago when Sharon took Barbri. I also am getting more and more confident in my abilities since these were the comments I overheard today in class:
1) I don't understand it - I haven't gotten a single multiple choice question right! (WOAH, really? Cause if you completely guessed you have a 1/4 chance for each question.......unless you're trying to get them all wrong - which isn't the point of this test.)
2) I'm soooooo far behind in the assignments! (note to self: we've now been in class for 1 full week...well, minus Memorial day, so that's 5 classes.....and 8 days to do the assignments......hmmmmm maybe some of you need to stop picking your nose and start doing the work. Or not. I mean, after all, if you all fail, there's a better chance I'll pass.)
3) Once I start studying it takes me like an hour to focus! (CURSE YOU MTV!)
- so I'm thinking I might do well on this thing after all!

AND, just a side note - saw Pirates this weekend. Loved the plot, Adored the music, hated the ending (okay part of the ending). I don't need a happy ending if it doesn't fit with the movie (See My Best Friend's Wedding), but if it fits? Give me a happy ending every time! Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh


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  2. And 100 years really = 6 years. :P

    Glad the confidence is up!

  3. Bahahahaha...yes, Sharon is *that* old :)