Monday, February 29, 2016

Mommy Mondays: The Mom Bathing Suit

The ground hog was definitely on his game this year.  We are experiencing an early spring, it's almost summer here!  Warm, beautiful weather means that our beach days are not too far off.  And I'm already trying to work in swim classes to coincide with baseball games.

Shopping for bathing suits isn't really very fun for most women.  But for some reason, after women have babies, it becomes an even more daunting task.

Perhaps its because I have never been skinny, or because my large breasts have always made bathing suit shopping a battle involving covering up, but I didn't experience a huge change in finding a bathing suit after having kids.  So here's what I've learned in the past 30something years about finding a flattering, functional swimsuit.  And yes, functional is something that's definitely important when there are kids involved.

My current favorite bathing suit trend is the rash guard.  Because they are so cute right now - this one is from Athleta.  And probably the most functional of all swimsuits, because you don't have to worry about little hands pulling down a strap, or a breast flying out as you run across the pool or beach when your child attempts to make a break for the water.  The only downside is that these are not terribly great for nursing.

These are my favorite one pieces.  The high end version from La Blanca, a more affordable version from J.Crew.  Both have nice, thick straps which is really important in terms of dealing with grabby hands.  And both are ruched, which is a nice and forgiving for any extra weight you may carry in your midsection.

In terms of tankinis, I prefer halter tops, which I think provides the most support for larger breasts.  I also like the sweetheart neckline, which I think is the most flattering.  See - flattering and functional.  This one from Old Navy has a great flare at the hips also.

Two pieces are especially nice for nursing.  But they can be lacking in support.  I love the look of this one from Target.  The wide band under the cups offers a little more coverage, and the adjustable straps are a definitely plus.

 But the most important thing you can wear isn't the suit itself, it's confidence.  It's so easy to be harsh on yourself and your body. And bathing suits help with that, highlighting everything you perceive as a flaw.  The great thing about having a kid, is that your child will never judge the way you look in a swimsuit, just whether you spend time with them and play with them.  And there is nothing more attractive than a woman who looks like she's having a great time.


  1. I bought a GREAT one piece in Italy this summer (out of necessity, not because it was anything super special) and I am now obsessed with the one piece! Definitely more functional than most two pieces and way more forgiving.

  2. My body was kind enough not to change dramatically after my son's birth so I continued to wear the same two piece suits I used to before! But many of my friends changed to one piece and they thought it was better for them!

  3. I love the ruched ones. I carry all my extra weight in the belly and I am not a Mom.