Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday Runday: Weekly Recap

So I mentioned that my resolution this year was to run more, and I've really been working on it.

Last week I managed to get out for a run 3 times during the week, and 3 times the week before that.  Which is a 300% improvement over where I was.

I've also been great about doing pilates every day as my cross training.  I really need to get my core in shape.  I was reminded of that recently.

3 weeks ago I hurt my back, because apparently I am too old and out of shape to do leg lifts while a 7 month old hangs on to me.

I took a couple days off, but it wasn't enough.  A week later I exacerbated it so badly walking to my car that I was in spasm all evening.  I learned my lesson.  This week I took off from strength training.  I'm anxious to get back to it and build my strength up again.  It's so hard to feel so sore and limited!

Monday: 3 miles during work, along the coast.  It was insanely windy.  The wind was so crazy the day before that trees had been uprooted and  knocked over.

Tuesday: 3 miles during work, along the coast.  Most of the fallen trees had been cleared, so the only evidence I got was this:

Thursday: 3 miles during work, along the coast.  It was a fantastic day for a run - clear, cool, and calm!

Friday: Stretching.  Lots and lots of stretching.


  1. I am 100% sure I will feel like that and WORSE once this kid comes out and my body realizes it has to exercise again. Deciding not to think about it until then...but kudos to you on getting back into it!!

  2. Having children changes your body. You will be back in shape real soon. Keep at it and don't forget to not overdo it.