Friday, February 26, 2016

Theme Parks with Friends: Sangria

Last month Thatkid ran the Legoland Marathon Mile with his friend Lexus.  One of the perks of the race was that we got free entry to the park for the kids, and 50% off adult tickets. 

The last race we did with Lexus also had us in a theme park, Sea World.  And the kids had such a great time in the park together, we figured we would do a repeat this time.  I was pretty excited on Thatkid's behalf, because there is nothing more fun than getting to ride rides with your friends.

He did do a couple rides with Thatboy, but spent most of the time with Lexus.  The two of them are just so cute together.  They figured out a way to share the glider board on the stroller.

Lexus talked Thatkid into hitting up Heartlake City, and then at some point he decided this was the "girl" part of Legoland and didn't want to go there.  This lasted a very brief time, and was completely surpassed by his ability to meet the girls of Heartlake City.  He was especially impressed by Stephanie.  During the show, he ran right up to her and gave her a huge hug.

Thatkid convinced his friend to join him for posing with some lego friends.  Because he's still in that "take my picture" phase.

And as anticipated, they had a fantastic time riding together.

Even Thatbaby got into the action.  He didn't get to hang out with a friend, but he did get to go on his first amusement park ride!

We had such a fantastic time with Lexus and her family.  It makes me so grateful Thatkid has such fantastic friends to share our adventures with.

Our current adventure involves oranges.  And I wish I had more friends to share with, because our tree is generous.  We picked over 60lbs of oranges!  Which means lots of orange juice, orange smoothies, and orange muffins.  Plus a drink that makes use of that orange juice!  It also uses red wine, which is my Friday night drink of choice during the winter. 

1 cup orange juice
3 cups red wine
1 orange, washed and sliced
1 peach, peeled and sliced
1 lemon, washed and sliced
confectioner sugar
soda water
  1. Mix together juice, red wine, and fruit and let stand 4-6 hours.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Stir in confectioners sugar and soda water to taste.

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  1. I am highly convinced, after running the Disney World Half Marathon a few years ago, that any race that ends with theme park tickets is a good race!