Monday, February 22, 2016

Mommy Mondays: 8 months with 2 kids

Sometime between 11pm and 3am - Thatkid wakes up screaming.  Bad dream?  We don't know.  Thatboy goes in and he's already back to sleep.  He doesn't remember anything in the morning.

3:17am - Thatbaby wakes up to nurse.

3:54am - Rather than go back to sleep for an hour, I've been showering if Thatbaby's wakeup keeps me up to 4am or later.  So this morning it's close enough where I jump in the shower, get dressed and load up the car.

4:22am - back to sleep for me!

6:00am - Thatboy's alarm goes off, so we both get up.  He walks the dog and I work on my hair and makeup.

6:08am - Thatkid is up.  He decides to work on a puzzle in his room, so I go back to hair/makeup.

6:25am - Thatkid calls me to show me his puzzle, which also wakes up Thatbaby.

6:45am - We all sit down for breakfast.  Thatkid has toast, cheese, and a smoothie, Thatbaby has cereal, and I have a peanut butter and jelly smoothie.

7:03am - breakfast is over, it's time for everyone to get dressed!  Thatkid also brushes his teeth, his hair, and washes his face.

7:27am - We leave for school.

7:48am - Arrive at Thatbaby's daycare

7:54 - leave Thatbaby's daycare

7:59am - arrive at Thatkid's preschool

8:05am - leave Thatkid's preschool

8:30am - Last night when I was making lunches for today I realized our avocado and cucumber were....not appropriate for eating.  Which threw a wrench in our lunch plans, so I make a quick stop at the store to pick up... cucumbers and avocado! (And tortilla chips, and granola bars for Thatkid)

8:50am - Head to work.

9:00am - Arrive at work, make some lactation tea, and get to work while I pump. 

9:55am - My boss emails me that he wants to meet with me before our client meeting.

10:16am - meeting with client

12:10pm - Meeting over, so I eat my lunch and pump.  Since I couldn't make lunch last night, I ended up grabbing a steak and ale pie from the freezer.

12:30pm - work.  I go through some medical records and some research projects.

3:00pm - last pump break of the day.  I also use this as a snack break.  My favorite snack right now is yogurt with granola.

3:25pm - leave work.

4:00pm - pick up Thatkid from school.

4:15pm - pick up Thatbaby from daycare and head to Thatkid's baseball practice.

4:30pm - arrive at baseball practice.  Thatkid practices baseball while Thatbaby takes a nap.

5:42pm - leave baseball and head home.

5:57pm - arrive home.  Unpack the kids and all my stuff.

6:10pm - nurse Thatbaby while Thatkid watches some television.

6:22pm - Thatboy arrives home from work and changes out of his workclothes.

6:30pm - Dinnertime!  Tonight we have Greek burgers, sans buns.

7:00pm - Thatboy gives Thatbaby a bath while I start clearing up and getting things ready for the next day.

7:17pm - I go in to nurse Thatbaby while Thatboy spends some time with Thatkid.

7:51pm - Thatbaby is asleep and Thatboy is giving Thatkid a bath.

8:01pm - Thatboy and I join Thatkid for a bedtime story.

8:19pm - Back in the kitchen.  I make collard green wraps for lunch the next day with the cucumber and avocado I picked up.

I also make blackbean and quinoa patties for dinner the next night.  Thatboy washes dishes.

8:42pm - Time for a little workout!

9:06pm - Pump.  My supply has been awful the past few days, so I take this opportunity to power pump.  Bleh.

10:06pm - Wash pump parts, lay out my clothes for the next day, read a chapter of my book, and head to bed.


  1. And I thought I had full, exhausting days!!!!!

  2. I am ready for bed after reading through that... Super Woman! The PB&J smoothie sounds delicious!