Friday, September 21, 2007

Pretty in Pink

The only thing girlier than sipping champagne is sipping pink champagne. Champagne does come in a pink, or rose version, but sometimes its more fun to make your own. Champagne is often mixed with other fruity combinations to create drinks such as bellinis. I mixed the champagne with some raspberry vodka. Raspberry vodka + champagne = champagne colored drink. You wouldn't even know it had a hidden surprise! I had to change that so I added a splash of grenadine. Now I had a drink that was as good to look at, as it was to drink. And nothing goes better with ANTM than a girly pink drink.


  1. Yes! I'm not a big champagne fan (except for toasts, of course - I like to appear sophisticated) but a pink vodka champagne is right up my alley.

  2. i love that you added the color to hint at the it's less unexpected. drinks. i don't love pink usually, but if it has alcohol in it, ok!

  3. i love pink. i love champagne. :)