Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Magic Letter "B"

Ah, the letter B. The inclusion or absence of this letter can change the meaning of a word so much. For instance, C-A-R is a fuel burning vehicle. Add, a B and all of a sudden you actually have fuel. For me, the letter B was very important yesterday. If I had hung signs everywhere saying "Garbage Sale" no one would come. However, simply by removing the letter B, all my stuff became things people would want to buy at a "Garage Sale."

Many thanks to Diane opened her garage for all our stuff - although she didn't do too badly herself! We managed to sell everything that wouldn't fit in our new apartment and made a neat little bundle of cash. And more importantly, we didn't have to move huge pieces of furniture we don't have room for. Diane herself made a nice little profit selling some of her old clothes.

Because we're good people, we donated all that we didn't sell to Goodwill - so really, everyone made out in the end.

Jon, Ringo, and I are firmly ensconced in our new home. And once I get all the boxes unpacked it will really be a home. But last night was no time to start. Instead I headed over to Liz's for a girl's night in. I love going to Liz's place because:
1) The food is ALWAYS amazing. Last night Liz served us homemade tamales and tres leches cake.
2) The company. Liz always makes you feel so welcome, doesn't mind when you talk during a movie, and lets you put your feet up on the couch.
3) The newest reason? The dogs. Liz has had Denny ever since I've known her. He's a 9 month old....?????? (No one's really sure, and every time I see him I throw out any ideas I already had - there's definitely some shepherd but who knows what else!) BUT Liz, has just opened her heart and home to a new sweet boy - Gizmo. Liz and Bill were going to start out fostering, but now that they've met him, they're not sure they'll be able to give him up. And after meeting him, I can't blame them. He's a 5-7 yr old golden retreiver. He's both beautiful and sweet.

Us girls ate dinner, watched tv, and just vegged. It was so relaxing - exactly what I needed after this past week. And then after I got to go home to my husband and puppy. So nice, so cozy.


  1. NO pictures?!?! I feel jipped.

    Glad you had some much needed rest and fun...

  2. Kate I will semd you the pictures amd them you cam post them! Garbage sale was so much fum! Btw - I got a few more scragglers at the house today bc megligemt 10years didm't take the sigms dowm yesterday. Mr. 10years wasm't a very happy mam at 8am! Liz's was so much fum - the thought of Gizmo's face still makes me cry. Lastly - HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO MEMTIOM THE MARIACHIS?!! I LOVE my presemt, thamk you so much. They are im fromt of the tv, it's the spot of homor im the house.

  3. I love the idea of a "garbage" sale. Good call on dropping the "B."

    I, too, feel shortchanged by the lack of photos.

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