Sunday, September 03, 2017

Sunday Runday: A Run with a View

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It started with a text:
"I kind of want to climb a mountain on Saturday.  It is supposed to be cooler."

Climb a mountain.  You guys, these are the kinds of friends I have.  Friends that want to climb mountains.  By all rights I should take that as a compliment to myself, right?  Because I choose ambitious and adventurous friends.  Even if I, myself, am not ambitious and adventurous. 

To continue on with my tale, Saturday was not, in fact, cooler.  By 3pm, temperatures by me were 105 degrees.  And while Saturday morning wasn't quiet as hot, it was warm enough where the mountains got downgraded to a hill.  

And there we were in Torrey Pines, hiking beside the ocean.

The most challenging part of the hike is always getting up to the top of the hill where the trails start.  From then on, it's easy.  The allure of the hike is not the difficulty, but the view while you weave your way through well maintained trails.  So it wasn't the strenuous hike that had us all sweating.  It was that warm weather I previously mentioned.

We explored every trail that was open, and debated the closed ones.  Overall we decided that the $300 fine for getting caught on them wasn't worth it when there were plenty of other trails available.   We ended the morning by taking the beach trail down to the beach.

It was a little cooler down beside the water, and we ventured along the rocks and sand as far as we were able as the tide continued to creep in.  Fearing we may get stuck somewhere, we headed back towards our cars along the beach.  It was almost a toes in the sand kind of morning, but really, who wants to put wet sandy feet back in their car?  We may climb mountains, but we're not reckless!

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  1. HA! I love your friends. Active friends are the best - they're happier, more realistic and they are just the type you want in your life! So awesome job picking your ladies!!