Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday Runday: On My Own

I joined "Moms Run This Town" because I was running a lot of half marathons.  Which meant a lot of long runs.  And a running club allowed me to meet other people to run with.  The group, full of moms, was ideal, because no one understands the schedule complexities of a mother, like a mother.

And I met a lot of great running friends this way.  Which made my long runs so much more enjoyable.

When I got pregnant with Thatbaby, I wasn't running long runs anymore, but I was still able to find people to run with at my new, slower speed who became great friends.

But the pendulum swings both ways, doesn't it?

I'm currently training for a half marathon next month, and I've purposely headed out on many of my long runs by myself.  I'm so used to running with people, it's almost novel to have my thoughts to myself during this period.  Yesterday I ran for 9 miles with a smile on my face the entire time.  I got to run at my own speed without worry about faster or slower companions.  I listened to podcasts and became so engrossed, the miles flew by.

I don't think I'll ever give up on running with friends.  I love the companionship, and the time to catch up.  But going back to the beginning, when I only ran by myself is also refreshing.  And even after this half marathon is over, I might keep up with these long runs on my own.


  1. Great Post! I'm following your all articles, really you're doing awesome work.

  2. Running with a group is my favorite way to run! Makes the miles fly by.

  3. After having my son I cherish the moments I spend with myself and appreciate something I was taking for granted before!