Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Runday: Race Wear

I'm not a person who is very into running clothes. Especially compared to my group of friends who have socks and shoes in every color.

In general, I much prefer form over function.  I have a couple bottoms I'm comfortable in, and a couple tops I like, and I tend to just grab one of each when I go for a run.  They rarely match, and I am far from fashionable.

And this holds true for most races.  Except when I'm "racing for fun" - like all the holiday races I did last year.

Or the Disney races.

There's something fun about dressing a little silly to run a race.  I only have a couple real rules, which are similar to regular running clothing rules.  Like I never wear anything for the first time during a race.

I also stick with my whole form over function thing for racing, it's not worth it to wear something that's going to be uncomfortable after the first quarter mile.  Which means when I do get theme-y for a race, I'm still wearing running clothes.  Mostly I just pick colors that work with the race.  Like green, yellow, and purple for the Mardi-Gras run.  No props that I have to hold, and nothing that's going to fall off my head (I swear there are probably 100 bobby pins in that Leia hair).

Last night I was trying to figure out what to wear to the race I'm running today I realized that even without planning, I had enough running wear to piece together themed race wear.

Just had to put together my red sleeveless running tank, which I wear just about all the time:

With my Minnie Mouse skirt:

And I have a perfectly strawberry-fied outfit for the Strawberry Run!

Do you "dress up" for runs?  Races?  Or does that make you feel like you're not taking it seriously?


  1. How was that race yesterday? I did it last year but did the EOD Warrior 5K down at Liberty Station yesterday instead.

  2. I have actually never dressed up for a race! There just aren't that many themed races here I guess? Hmmm, going to have to seek some out.